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If the UI layer depends on the Application layer. Who starts the application/process?

This is related to DDD for a desktop application in c#...with 4 layers ui/application/domain/infrastructure. Actually 3 desktop applications sharing part of the domain and part of the infrastructure. ...
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Small self-contained windows desktop application technologies? [closed]

Firstly, I'm not new to this. I've written desktop applications for Windows going back to 1991 with Visual Basic 3.0. I've used C/C++ and Win32 API, VB3-6, C# 1.0-4.0 and currently knock out web ...
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Is there a way to develop desktop software using PHP?

I have to develop a real estate marketing CRM software for my client - where the application is installed on desktop but can also be accessed from web. 2 reasons why they want the application to run ...
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How to render RSS feed in a desktop RSS reader?

Consider one feed like this: It has the entire content inside the description tag of the feed, so you don't need to access the website to read the post. Now ...
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Python MVC framework for desktop applications

I'm used to program with Python and GTK using pygtk library. I feel like my programs are not well separated according to MVC model. I think following a framework it would help me to design better ...
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Is Ruby on Rails a suitable framework for a desktop application?

I was wondering if there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to using Ruby on Rails to develop a desktop application. RoR has great infrastructure for rapid development, proper implementation of ...
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