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Should i be using My own MVVM implementation?

Hi there i've been into MvvM and modular design the last few days, i find it really nice design principle that be scaled and maintained really well. But here is the thing, i see there are multiple ...
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Why does "front-end" only pertain to web development?

As a WPF developer, I was confused when I discovered that I'm not considered front-end because my platform isn't web, even though I clearly deal with user interaction and the front end of an ...
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What makes a program (in)compatible on 32/64 bit platforms? [closed]

Let's say I am developing a program for Windows. What are some things I can / can't do if I want it to be usable for 32 / 64 bit platforms?
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What is the accepted practice for string resource management in java?

In Android, final strings are stored in a strings.xml file, which makes it easy to update text, reuse strings and to translate an app to a different locale -- because everything is in one place. ...
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Browser as a rich client platform [closed]

In Java there is a notion of "rich client platform" - it's a framework for building desktop applications, provides common features like help browser, window layout management, etc. Prominent ...
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Creating Compelling Desktop Application in .NET

I'm about to create an open source desktop application. I'm primarily a .NET developer , with experience in ASP.NET and SharePoint. I've created basic Windows Forms applications before, but I have ...
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Can web technologies, like PHP, HTML, and CSS, be used for desktop development? [closed]

I have to develop an application for a gas agency where a database will store consumer numbers, names, addresses, and date delivered for a town with nearly 20,000 people. I only know PHP, MySQL, CSS, ...
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Is a traditional client app which connects directly to a database a good idea?

After using Django's excellent admin interface, I was pondering creating a similar system which wasn't as tied to an ORM. Now, while considering this, I thought that overcoming webapps limitations (...
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How would you approach developing a Hotel Reservation System?

Till now, I have had the experience of developing either a desktop application or a Website. But, with this Hotel reservation system, I am interfacing a problem that needs both. The application ...
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can we do scaling by throwing ruby stone

I heard developers at my office discussing Ruby language can be used for following purposes: Desktop apps,Web Apps,and may be handheld devices. Actually,we are in phase of selecting technology to have ...
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What factors to consider when choosing runtime/language for Windows desktop applications?

My users all have Windows. Some of them use Linux or a Mac, but if they do they're generally capable of using something like Mono, Wine, Parallels or dual-boot. My development team (including myself) ...
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web vs desktop? (php vs c++?) [closed]

I need to write a simple file transfer mechanism (that isn't ftp). Firstly, it must have a GUI. Secondly, it must not be dropbox. Third, it may not use any paid libraries, and hopefully, it uses open ...
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