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Developer tools refer to set of software that are frequently used during the software development process. Note that questions for finding a specific tool are off-topic for softwareengineering.SE, those should be asked on instead.

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What's the best strategy for using the Azure App Config Store and Key Vault for local development?

While working on a standard three-tier web app intended for Azure deployment, I got to thinking about the best way for devs to share secrets and configuration during local development and started to ...
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How to provide clang-format config for IDE and build system of multiple projects?

We have several C++ projects that use clang-format and clang-tidy and other similar tools. Currently the config files for these tools are stored in each project's Git repository. Now I'm trying to put ...
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How to manage concurrent build & test toolchains in (embedded) software development?

TL;DR: How do you manage the complex development toolchain in different (embedded) projects? In our company we are discussing the toolchain setups in different development teams and how to work ...
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Is it possible to prevent tech scammers from editing bank webpages?

In a refund tech scam, tech scammers use Chrome Developer Tools to edit the HTML directly on the victim's bank webpage through a Remote Desktop (Teamviewer, AnyDesk, etc) to fool their victim into ...
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Importance of uniformity of development architecture across the team

If some developers still use a 32 bit 'Windows XP' and others use a '64 bit Windows 7', would it be advisable for the entire team to work with 32 bit development tools even if their OS is 64 bit? Are ...
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Should I be worried about overengineering programming assignments given during interview process? [closed]

I recently had a phone interview with a company. After that phone interview, I was told to complete a short programming assignment (a small program; shouldn't take more than three hours). I'm only ...
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Tool to identify (and remove) unnecessary website files? [closed]

Inevitably I'll stop using an antiquated css, script, or image file. Especially when a separate designer is tinkering with things and testing out a few versions of images. Before I build one myself, ...
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Is the market of small-scale development/production tools that difficult?

I was wondering, is there an economic rationale in developing and marketing a small tool (standalone or rather plugin)? Of course, let's assume that the tool does indeed solve a real problem from the ...
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What is the best way to maintain software tool chains?

Short Question What is the best way to create, maintain, and distribute software development tool chains? Background I am trying to develop a workflow / process to create an isolated environment in ...
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What are linkers and loaders? How do they work?

I am trying to understand things like linkers and loaders better. What area of computer science do they belong to? Compiler, Operating System, Computer Architecture? Where do linkers and loaders ...
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Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, automated testing, and SVN

We have an HTML designer who is not a developer but needs to modify .aspx files from our ASP.NET 2.0 projects from time to time in order to get CSS to work properly with them. Currently, this ...
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Does over-reliance on tools imply that you are lazy? [closed]

I started programming in C++ at uni and loved it. In the next term we changed to VB6 and I hated it. I could not tell what was going on, you drag a button to a form and the ide writes the code for ...
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What is a dedicated Linux box used for?

So this is probably a very basic and obvious question for most people, but my google-fu is failing me and it just seems something is going over my head. I've heard numerous people refer to having a '...
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How do I know what tools I can download in my country? [closed]

I've seen a spate of questions on Stack Overflow and elsewhere about downloading programming tools and where to find them. Sometimes developers can't find a download link or availability in their ...
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Choosing a particular stack because of the IDE, tools and ease setting up the dev env

I almost always choose the Microsoft stack over anything else because of Visual Studio, the available tools and how easily I can get started programming with a particular new framework. Please, that ...
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Must a programmer learn text editors like Emacs and Vim? How important are they? [duplicate]

I have been writing code so far in conventional text editors that come with the OS so far or use an IDE in some cases. I know there are some advanced text editors like Emacs and Vim available solely ...
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Good resources and tools for modern, heavy JavaScript development? [closed]

I am interested in doing some projects that involve heavy use of JavaScript. Namely HTML5 based canvas games, potentially using node.js as well. I am interested in learning modern best practices, ...
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Most underestimated programming tool [closed]

We have many great tools which helps a lot when programming, such as good programmers text editors, IDEs, debuggers, version control systems etc. Some of the tools are more or less "must have" tools ...
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When is it ever ok to write your own development tools? (editor into IDE) [closed]

So I'm foremost using a text editor for coding. It's a very bare bones editor; provides mostly just syntax highlighting. But on rare occasions I also need to debug something. And that's when I have to ...
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