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What is the currently best C# implementation for a Producer/Consumer scenario?

I have a relatively simple task where I need some 10 consumers to consume work to be produced into a queue, continuously. This is my first time implementing this design pattern, so I have been ...
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Sending JSON in body of an email

Basically, in our scenario, data has to be sent from a WordPress form to Dynamics 365. My current approach is putting it into an email body in JSON format, that is then extracted and further processed ...
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Stuck on approach on how to serve a lot of data to users with a lot of possible combinations

So, I'm making an application which monitors specific things that happen within the area of a user. And I'm really stuck at the approach on how to serve specific real-time data to my users. I am using ...
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Backend with many services

I'm mostly a Front-end Developer. One day I heard about such a thing at work like "authentication service", "registration service" and it turned out our product's backend has many services running ...
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As a developer, how should I work differently in kanban vs scrum?

I am a junior back-end developer at a large company in the US. At the moment, my 10-member team is changing its approach from Kanban to scrum (2 week sprints). My current way of working is this: I ...
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How to deliver fast and avoid growth challenges with a codebase?

Startup Context A friend of mine recently asked me to be a part time software engineer for her startup which has yet to write any code. She is fairly serious and has already raised a fair bit of ...
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Gradle build interdependence between compilation and integration test

Scenario After having written an integration test in in JUnit 5, that executes the compiled project.jar, I used to manually compile the project after modifications, then manually execute the ...
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What is the best way of implement a virtual world like a garden? [closed]

I want to develop a virtual garden with a lot of kind of insects like ants, bees, etc... For example, if I want to create an area of 10x10m². I can implement this with ArrayList<ArrayList<...
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How to test controllers in a REST applications

I'm writing a REST api backend in NODE js, which is based on MVC approach. My api routes directly hit the controllers, which in turn import models which are a wrapper around the methods from a library ...
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How to link domain specifications with the code implementation without forcing domain expert to adopt any particular practice

Our current business process is that the domain experts will write down the business logic in a Word document, and developers will try to reflect those logic as closely as possible with the ...
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Avoiding All Nighter Situations in Software Development [closed]

Trying to understand how experienced programmers tackle programming when they are stuck with a really hairy issues. The situation that I face a few times is like I am stuck with code for quite a few ...
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1 answer

Approach for comparing versions of hierarchy

I'm looking for a language agnostic approach for the following. We are prototyping this in both relational and graph DBs, so, again I'm open to hearing all opinions with respect to those. Here is ...
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What is the best approach to compare data in a database? [closed]

I am going to ask some random questions from hundreds of them to my users and the answers can be only "true" or "false". Then I am going to record those answers into my database and lastly I am going ...
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Best approach for aliases namespace from config

I'm working on a library that contains a large number of components that have namespaces that are nested. Also, when a new module inside the library get's added, we then have to add the namespace and ...
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What practical steps do you take to ensure you are thorough? [duplicate]

Bit of Context I'm not sure if this is fitting to the programmers.stackexchange area, but I'm not going to post it in SO. Any problem with ambiguity and I'll happily remove it. If I had to talk ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Relation between projects and solutions in VS

We're about to start with a new software and there are mixed opinions on the organization of software. I'd be delighted to hear what others might have to say in regard to the presented options as well ...
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What do you call an application that is not specifically tied to a DB structure

I'm wondering what you call an applications that are not hard coded around any database structure? Let me give a small example: I have one application where the views, the controllers and the ...
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What to do when you are faced with programming task that you have never done?

I started my career as a .NET developer 3 months ago and after a long training plan on diverse technologies, patterns and concepts the developers who were supervising me have decided that I am ready ...
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Is it a bad idea to sync file system with remote server using HTTP?

I have started a project which will duplicate Dropbox or Google Drive behavior but using Amazon S3 az a backend. Idea is very simple, a Node.js server that watchs a directory for file changes and PUT ...
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How should I track approval workflow when users at every security level can create a request?

I am writing a new application that allows users to enter requests. Once a request is entered, it must follow an approval workflow to be finally approved by a user the highest security level. So, ...
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2 answers

Approach on Software Development Architecture

I am planning to standardize our way of creating project for our new projects. Currently we are using 3tier architecture where we have our ClassLibrary Project where it includes our Data Access Layer ...
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2 answers

Best method to implement a filtered search

I would like to ask you, your opinion when it comes to implement a filtered search form. Let's imagine the following case: 1 Big table with lots of columns It might be important to say that this SQL ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Using business objects in view models

When using reusable business objects, what is considered best practice when building view models? We use an object we call Builder to build our view models. One builder for each logical unit of views ...
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Promoting ecology and/or sustainability as a programmer [closed]

A seemingly odd question, but here it goes. Say that a potential client asks that a certain level of ecology and sustainability is to be respected before they will consider your company for a web site ...
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IRC Bot permission structure, best approach?

I'm making an IRC bot in PHP. And I've come to the point when I need to determine how would user permissions/accesses would look in the database (and in the application in general). Here are the ...
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Creating a web application to concatenate strings to unify naming conventions

I've been tasked with creating a small web application, where users have a series of forms (I can't currently think of a better way of doing this) which will contain, either a)text input fields or b)...
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2 answers

How to fundamentally approach creating a 'financial planner' application?

I want to create a financial planning application (for personal use), for which the overall functionality will be this: User (me..) can create different 'scenarios'. Each scenario is configured with ...
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Two-way calendar sync with any client

I have a database of calendar events, that can be administered by the user through a web application. I would like to offer to the user, functionality for viewing their calendar in any client of ...
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CMS vs homebrew system for implementing an image slideshow [closed]

There is a basic website (homepage and 5 subpages) with static content, we want to add something like a slideshow of current offers with custom images that would change every month. We also want to ...
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Is Language-Oriented Programming practical?

I read this article on Language-Oriented Programming. He points out some weaknesses in the modern procedural/OOP approaches to programming, and suggests a new programming paradigm that will solve them ...
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