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How does COCOMO handle large projects that could be split up into smaller projects?

Let's say I want to use COCOMO to estimate the effort to produce a 100 KLoC embedded project. Not including the Effort Adjustment Factor, the effort would be 2.8 * 100^1.2 = 703. However, the project ...
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How DevOps fit into Software Development Division of Labour?

I believe the concept of DevOps is the single person handling all the activities of a given requirement. 1) Understanding the requirement/problem 2) Come up with logic to solve the problem 3) Write ...
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How to split up the initial work on a project?

I'm finding it hard to divide work in a group of programmers when a project starts out. It seems like every project has one big piece of core functionality that everything else depends upon. I find ...
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Who is responsible for setting color in MVVM?

I have an iOS app where after exceeding a certain limit, part of the user interface changes a color to alert the user. I'm using MVVM to accomplish this and division of labor looks like this: Model - ...
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Given a project and working with 1 other person - never worked with someone before [closed]

I'm taking a class where I work with a partner to implement the link layer of the OSI model. I've worked programmed with a partner once before and it went bad. Is the goal to divide the work up and ...
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Should the developer be involved in setup of test data in QA and UAT environment?

When QA or UAT comes, should the developer still be involved in setting up data or finding test data for the QA tester or business user? Or will this introduce bias to the developer who coded the ...
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How to divide work among development team members in a website project using MVC pattern

I am working on a webapp project using flask framework and sqlalchemy orm in python. Its the first time I am working on a project like this and I am having trouble in how to divide work properly among ...
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Is performance engineering a different specialization from general software development?

A major objective of software development is to focus on delivery of features implemented in good quality code. Knowledgeable developers are supposed to write software with good performance to the ...
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What is the difference between bug and new feature in terms of segregation of responsibilities? [closed]

We are planing to introduce Help Desk and Support Desk in our project. Our current development team would be divided into two smaller teams: Support Desk and Development team. Support Desk would be ...
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