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Multiple application sharing same database functionalities

We have two application A and B that I'm refactoring. They both use the same database. Those application are written using the Symfony framework and Doctrine as database layer. I've moved some of the ...
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Entities and polymorphic relationships

Lets say that I have a shelf on which I can put items that are shelfable (not sure if that is actually a word but you can understand my point). So I have the following: class Shelf { /** @var ...
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Should i use an abstract class or an interface for my doctrine model?

In Doctrine, assuming I want to implement different types of vehicles. Maybe a car, a plane, a bicycle and so on ... all these vehicles have many different properties but also very common things like ...
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How to design an unpredictable model?

I have been working on a project that deals with, let me simplify, Schools and Students. The general requirement is that certain Students could be assigned to certain Schools to work an internship. ...
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What are the benefits of using lazy initialization when i.e. calling Doctrine's EntityManager?

TL;DR: I have noted that some tutorials are using an extra method call to retrieve a variable, in my case EntityManager of Doctrine. Is it generally a good idea to use such extra method call, when it ...
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Why does ORM persist() functionality use references to populate insert_id and not return?

My understanding of how ORM persist works: //ORM "persist" oversimplification function persist(&$entity) { ... $insertId = api_actual_db_insert(...); $entity->setId($insertId); } /...
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How to associate both a collection and one item of this collection to an entity

I'm working on a project in which I have an entity, we may call Users and another entity Address. I want to define the entity User in a way that an user would have a collection of addresses (...
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Multiple intranet/internet systems partially working on same data - database strategy

We are starting rewritting our apps (Internet portal, millions of unique users and few CRM/ERP systems, few hundred users) and we have a huge decision to make now. We are going to write them mostly (...
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Doctrine 2 and Concrete table inheritance

I use Doctrine 2 and I've read some articles on inheritance strategies' mapping with ORM. I've seen three main strategies : "Class table inheritance", "Concrete table inheritance" and "Single table ...
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Repository Pattern: Doctrine2 vs Microsoft Entity Framework?

I have been using Symfony2 with Doctrine2 for some years. I have recently started using Microsoft's Entity Framework with MVC5. From my Symfony2 experience I understand that a repository's job is only ...
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Building a DBAL from scratch

I am considering building a DBAL from scratch with PHP to use within my projects and also to learn through the process. I have noticed on SO and other reputable forums that whenever this is mentioned ...
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When using an ORM should mappings be defined in the code file?

Doctrine offers three ways to define the object mapping properties: in XML, in YAML and as inline docblock annotations in the code. The Doctrine documentation doesn't give any advice on choosing ...
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Is my application vulnerable to SQL injection if I don't specify each type in Doctrine2?

I thought Doctrine 2 DBAL prepared statements were safe from SQLi. But I found this confusing bit in the docs: By default the Doctrine DBAL does no escaping. Escaping is a very tricky business to ...
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Is doctrine 2 fast enough? [closed]

I need to build a social network that is expecting very high traffic, 10k - 50k + registrations in a day, not even including visitors, pageviews, image uploads, etc..., a lot of database activity. We ...
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Should I choose Doctrine 2 or Propel 1.5/1.6, and why? [closed]

I'd like to hear from those who have used Doctrine 2 (or later) and Propel 1.5 (or later). Most comparisons between these two object relational mappers are based on old versions -- Doctrine 1 versus ...
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