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2 answers

How to automatically manage documentation

Our project consists of a cluster of microservices (let's say 20, mainly JS & PHP) that are communicating among themselves and exchanging data (via MQ) among themselves. Also, clusters have API ...
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(Installable) File System Driver, Shell Extension Handler or another approach?

I have an application that does some document handling as part of its functionality. I would like to implement a "Drive" emulator that would allow users to navigate and manage documents as ...
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Small scale document management system architecture / patterns

Im usually working with line of business desktop software. Mostly based on a single database. Pretty often one of the requirements is to keep track of some files. Or the only way to implement a ...
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How can I create a combined UX and Functional Spec?

Our organization has been clamoring for a more organized spec-making process. At the moment, we use a combination of UX Specs (created in a wireframing tool and published as PDFs), and Functional ...
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What things needs to be taken care of while writing Development Policy for Project? [closed]

I've been assigned to create a development policy for our project which is a test case management web application using Spring MVC and Java. For instance, I think I would have to create the coding ...
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5 answers

Best format for design document? [closed]

I have an open-source project which requires me to create mathematical models to compute some things. I have to analyze some data to decide which model works well and determine the range of errors ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Standard API Protocol for ECM Systems?

I am wondering if there is an established standard or protocol when working with APIs for document management systems or ECMs. For example, let's say I'm working on a new product and I want it to have ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Privilege (Access/Permission) Control for Hierarchial Structured Resource

Question: Is there any standard model or industry defacto implementation for modeling and implementing Access Control in (i.e.) a Document Management System? Note: I studied a bit the security ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Storing documents in DMS

I need your opinions and suggestions about storing documents in a DMS system. I think the DMS should save its own copies of the documents, not their original path on the disk. So, the DMS should have ...
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