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Questions tagged [duplicate-keys]

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4 votes
4 answers

The fastest method for removing duplicate files safety?

I have a huge amount of files (mostly documents like pdf ~80-90%, but also images, videos, webpages, audio etc.), somewhere around 3.8 millions of files which occupies ~7.8Tb of hard drive space on a ...
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2 answers

Maintaining list of items seen by an user

I am developing an app and I need to tackle a problem here. The app is kind of an e-commerce app where each user will be shown a list of items daily. The problem is, I need to keep a track of all the ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Deduplicate records without IDs?

I have an array of records for bids (sample below in JSON). I would like to store this data in a relational database (Postegresql), however, the supplier data is not given with IDs, and there will be ...
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Organizing the same set of data based on two different criteria simultaneously

Let's say I want to model a phonebook. I would like a phonebook to be maintained in sorted order by name of the person that the phonebook entry is created for. However, since it is quite possible ...
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