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Software architecture for a dynamic reporting system

I have to create a reporting system based on hundreds of different tables in a database (which means a huge volume) and I'd like to know the best practices and/or your wild ideas about it. Here are ...
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Are there advantages to hard-coding data values into a program?

I'm a self-taught, novice-ish coder, so I apologize if I don't nail the programmer lingo. I'm working on a project in which I am providing data, which will be continually updated, to developers who ...
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Project architecture for application with dynamic database

We've a project that has some tables are defined and some will be generated runtime, means dynamic and no pre-defined structure. We generally use Entity Framework to communicate to the database(in ...
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What is the best way to create dynamically a DOM?

I know that there are plenty answers to this question on stackoverflow, but I can´t find one that give me an answer that can help me to solve a question that came out after read a lot of Javascript, ...
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Creating objects with user-defined variable names

Context: I am making a learning project in XNA. What I would like to be able to do is allow the game to be moddable by allowing the users to place arbitrary values into a JSON data file which is read ...
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Is a PHP array an example of a dynamic data structure?

I did my homework, and it says that dynamic data structures are "data structures that change in size as a program needs it to by allocating and de-allocating memory from the heap". So I was wondering,...
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Display dynamic content from embedded web server

I have an embedded device running a slimmed down version of a HTTP server. Currently, it can display static HTML pages. Here is an example of how it displays a static HTML page: char *text="HTTP/1.0 ...
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How to : Nextag and such other dynamic data pulling website

Yesterday, I came across Nextag which is a website for comparing prices of various products from different retailers. Is this site automated? Can the process of data pulling from various sites can ...
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