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How do you create a collaborative live editor like Google Docs?

I hope this is the right forum for this question, but I'm just looking to understand how Google Docs and Sheets works. How can multiple users edit the same sheet and see live changes without having to ...
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What is an efficient data structure for syntax highlighting in text editors?

I'm creating a very small text editor in C++ with the ncurses library. So far, it works great. I have implemented the Gap Buffer data structure to make the editing more efficient than a line-based ...
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Non-printable characters and editors

Today I was presented with a very nasty problem and I do not quite know where to ask this but hope here is ok. So I have the following string: "\0" (at least that's how it looks in visual studio). If ...
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Building an organization-specific XML editor in HTML

I'm building a user friendly XML editor in HTML/JS. Looking for some general advice on how to build the editor UI and which approach you'd recommend on mapping the data to the UI. Details about the ...
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Approach to develop an inline editor for enumerated lists

Background Looking to develop a WYSIWYG editor for ordered lists so that people can directly edit lists of instructions on a web page. Problem The contentEditable attribute is woefully immature for ...
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Why there is no markdown for underline? [closed]

I am wondering why there is no markdown syntax for underline? I know that basic html tags can be embedded to achieve this but I am trying to understand why underline got omitted when bold and italics ...
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Looking to create a custom, graphical editor for a data model using HTML5 and SVG

I need to create a graphical editor for our data model that works in an HTML5 compliant browser. I am looking for a proper library/framework to build on. The model is stored as xml, but that should be ...
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What is the purpose of Console in Sublime text editor?

I want to know what purpose does console solve in sublime text 2. This is invoked by pressing Ctrl+Shift+` Is this a kind of debugger, or It just helps you to install packages.
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It is inconsiderate to place editor settings inside code files?

I know this is kind of a subjective question, but I'm curious if there's any good reason to place (or not place) editor settings inside code files. I'm thinking in vi modelines, but it is possible ...
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Logistically, how do you manage embedded SQL?

My current application is running into issues with its ORM, and we're relying on some pretty hairy SQL to express queries that the ORM can't. Are there best practices in terms of how to manage the ...
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What's the point of camel-case-navigation?

I heavily use CTRL+ to jump between tokens in code (the _s are the navigation points): _fooBar _+ _barFoo_; Some editors, like the one in the current version of QtCreator, have (by default or ...
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How one could use a live editor

I was thinking about a live editing environment where code / a source file is synchronized so that changes made by one user would be carried across to all others editing the file. Something like ...
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Why do XSLT editors insert tab or space characters into XSLT to format it? [closed]

All XSLT editors I've tried till now add tab or space characters to the XSLT to indent it for formatting. This is done even in places within the XSLT where these characters are significant to the XSLT ...
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How would you feel if your code editor formatted your code for you as you typed, without tabs/spaces? [closed]

As with most things, I'm sure this concept has been tried before - I just haven't come across editors that use what I've termed 'Virtual Formatting'. The principle is that there's a floating left-...
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How to deal with WYSIWYG editors? [closed]

There are now lots of WYSIWYG editors, however whenever we use one on a CMS-based website we consistently have issues. The biggest being users pasting content from Word or other online sources and ...
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