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24 votes
3 answers

Why use Either over (checked) Exception?

Not too long ago I started using Scala instead of Java. Part of the "conversion" process between the languages for me was learning to use Eithers instead of (checked) Exceptions. I've been coding this ...
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2 answers

Transform Either types in Scala

I have an Either type e.g. Either[A, B] but I want an Either[X, Y] by using two functions A => X and B => Y. I can do that with fold: val myEither: Either[A, B] = ... myEither.fold( a => ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Why are Scala's Either and Option types not interfaces/traits but classes?

I wanted to create a class CompileResult, that can be treated like an Either type but has some additional useful methods. It should be a CompileSuccess or a CompileFailure (which, too, has some ...
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Advantages and drawbacks of different ways using Either-types [closed]

I am writing software for compiling programs. Therefore have a Compiler that compiles a given sourcecode. It then returns a CompileResult that is similiar to an Either type (it is actually internally ...
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