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Questions tagged [emacs]

Emacs is a free, extensible text editor, with custom support for many programming languages, text formats and often recurring tasks.

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1 vote
1 answer

Why are functions in Emacs so large? [closed]

I am a beginner in ELisp, but have programmed in C++ and a number of other programming languages before. My rule of thumb (and I think it is a common one) that a function should fit on the screen. ...
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3 answers

Programming with emacs instead of a debugger-integrated IDE [closed]

There's a question that might be deemed a duplicate of this one (I use an IDE (Eclipse) to develop software. Why should I switch to vim or emacs?) but I don't think answers my question. I usually ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Optimal Data Structure for our own API

I'm in the early stages of writing an Emacs major mode for the Stack Exchange network; if you use Emacs regularly, this will benefit you in the end. In order to minimize the number of calls made to ...
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4 answers

emacs keybindings [closed]

I read a lot about vim and emacs and how they make you much more productive, but I didn't know which one to pick. Finally when I decided to teach myself common lisp, the decision was straight forward: ...
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8 answers

Emacs/Vim/Vi - do they have a place in modern software development ecosystem? [closed]

Watching all those screencasts (and listening all those podcasts) with more-or-less famous hackers/programmers I hear that many of those use emacs/vi(m) for their daily work. Now, I myself tried ...
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1 vote
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what's the most efficient emacs workflow for compilation and interactive execution cycles (C++/makefile)

I try not to cross-post, but the only response I got at stack-exchange was to post here... What's the preferred practice for a compile-run cycle in emacs? Previously, I used alt-x compile (mapped to ...
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1 answer

How would I use a browser as a GUI for Emacs apps? [closed]

I've started using Emacs, and love it. Naturally, I'm thinking about ways of extending it. I' m particularly fascinated by the thought of creating browser based GUIs for some stuff I would otherwise ...
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2 votes
2 answers

emacs - project explorer and auto complete features - is it available?

I know that Emacs is a very powerful editor out there. I try to use it occasionally and want to learn it better. But to learn it better i have to use it more frequently than I am using now. But one ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various git modes available for emacs?

I just started using git, and because I tend to live in emacs, I want to use one of the emacs integration packages. Looking at this list, I see that there are a lot of packages available, but the ...
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43 votes
12 answers

Must a programmer learn text editors like Emacs and Vim? How important are they? [duplicate]

I have been writing code so far in conventional text editors that come with the OS so far or use an IDE in some cases. I know there are some advanced text editors like Emacs and Vim available solely ...
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18 votes
5 answers

Are Vim or Emacs practical for languages like .Net or Java? [closed]

So, I am primarily a .Net developer who does some stuff in Java, Python and a few others from time to time. I have heard a lot of people praise Vim and Emacs for greatly increasing efficiency once the ...
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41 votes
20 answers

Time to drop Emacs and vi? [duplicate]

Every time you are looking for a text editor, no matter what language you are using, vi and Emacs are hall-of-famers. However they are ancient, and we have better alternatives (at least I hope we ...
15 votes
7 answers

Emacs and "self-reinforcing performance"

In short, my question for you hardcore Emacs users is this: have you achieved this "self-reinforcing performance" Steve Yegge talks about? Emacs is self-hosting: writing things in it makes the ...
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21 votes
8 answers

Emacs-as-OS: obsolete? [closed]

In an attempt to reach at least beginner status with such a legendary editor, I have been coding in Emacs for the last two months. I try to keep an open heart, but I find myself continally ...
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34 votes
16 answers

I use an IDE (Eclipse) to develop software. Why should I switch to vim or emacs? [closed]

My day job is java/web developer. I have been using eclipse for ~5years. I think its excellent and I also use Webstorm for javascript and html/jsp. I do on occasion need to ssh into server and ...
23 votes
9 answers

What are the 'must know' Emacs commands? [closed]

I'm a fairly new convert to Emacs and I really love it as an editor, primarily because I keep finding new and super-useful commands. Are there any other programmer 'must known' commands missing from ...
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21 votes
8 answers

What are some ways to be more productive with Emacs? [closed]

I've used Emacs quite a bit, and I'm comfortable with the most basic commands/shortcuts, but I know Emacs has a lot more to offer than what I'm using. What are some of the lesser known features of ...
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