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Testing against a customer's environment before releasing

"In my company, we have this distributed system over Kubernetes. Some microservices are shared among all customers, and others are up to them to upgrade. This system has to interact with A LOT of ...
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should a single end-to-end test aim to validate a scenarios or a specific feature of an application

I am currently working on a web product where we have a testing strategy that includes end-to-end testing. Our tech lead is of the opinion that each e2e test should only validate a single feature. For ...
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Registration feature integration testing(Acceptance Testing) [closed]

I would like to add integration testing/automated acceptance testing for a mobile app calling a registration API from the backend. I will register a sample user on the test feature then delete the ...
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The correct relationship between unit and end to end tests

I am writing tests for an algorithm that is built up of several consecutive stages. Each such stage has its own set of unit tests. I want to check that the whole algorithm performs as expected, but am ...
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Who should write e2e tests?

I understand that preparing test cases and scenarios that goes through the whole system stack should be written by a QA person. But my question is with automating these tests, and I mean specifically ...
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A request's round trip time monitoring at microservice production best tools and practices?

I've a microservice's system at production which provide an API to the outer world. Along with each service monitoring via monitoring tool ( Prometheus, zabbix, etc.) of course it's highly desirable ...
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Hypothetically if every scenario were covered by an end-to-end tests, would unit tests still have any value?

Note: I'm asking about the strategy behind unit / integration / end-to-end tests, not about classifying tests as one or the other. More so in the past than present, it was expensive to write and run ...
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What do you unit test in your angular applications?

I am currently working in a team, which, when I joined them did not do any sort of unit or integration testing. Over the last 2 years I have bit by bit pushed dotnet unit testing to a point where it ...
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How to identify scope of end-to-end automation testing?

We are struggling in deciding scope of end-to-end tests. As per our understanding, we have automated the form exactly the way users interact with it. below are the steps user perform while submitting ...
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Any problems if we test every things on E2E?

I'm working on Flutter a project. We've test cases on the server-side. On the client-side, We have an idea to only test every acceptance criteria on the E2E level? The question is What're the ...
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By what criteria should automated end-to-end test implementation work be allocated?

Assuming that the entire product team has agreed that implementing some automated end-to-end tests* is worthwhile in the first place... By what criteria should the workload of implementing automated ...
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Does it make sense to combine code coverage result for unit test and e2e test [duplicate]

In my company, there is a KPI about code coverage. We measure results by code coverage percentage. So we combine code coverage result of unit test and end-to-end test together. Does it make sense to ...
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End-to-end and UI testing in microservice-architecture?

We're in a process of moving from a huge old monolithic architecture towards microservice one. UI-centric Product Our product (which is mostly a large single-page app) is quite UI-centric. Thus the ...
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Abstracting end-to-end test cases across multiple pages

I am using Protractor and Jasmine to create end-to-end tests for a webpage. To test this initial page, I have abstracted made some common utility functions to create about 20 test cases for this ...
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Automated test for code that takes a bunch of input data and outputs a bunch of data - should it be split up?

I'm about to write a program and test(s) for it. This question is about how to structure the top-most level integration test. At the top level, the main program takes a chunk of data, and outputs ...
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Test for PHP Errors using Browser Emulator (Mink)

I want to know the most robust way of checking for PHP error messages when running automated tests that interact with a PHP application via a browser emulator. The reason is: I use Behat, Mink and ...
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