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When and how endianness naming was defined?

I've tried web search and wiki and could not find mentioning history records. I don't buy an argument stated in Is there any practical trick to remember the difference between big-endian and little-...
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Is the in-code representation of multibyte numbers always big endian?

Big and Little Endians represent the way we store bytes of multibyte numbers (int16, int32, etc.) in memory, transfer over the network, serialize, and so on. I know how they work, what they represent ...
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Selecting the endianness of data in files generated by an embedded system

I have an embedded system running on a little-endian Cortex-M3. This system is able to accept packets from the network and reply to them. Now, I would like the system to start generating files. These ...
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C++ - BitVector logic

I have implemented a simple bit vector class. However, I have some problems with understanding, how to push data to it. In a standard vector, push_back inserts new element et the end. A similar ...
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Is it worth supporting big-endian for a desktop-only application?

From what I've read (other questions on the site, etc...) the vast majority of desktop systems have little-endian architectures, and Windows doesn't even support big-endian. Now I'm wondering if it's ...
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Endianess ARM Assembly Confusion

I'm writing code using arm assembly language for college and the I'm really confused about endianess. The default should be little endian but I'm sure the test string has been stored big endian. The ...
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Can I safely ignore byte order in networking?

I am developing a server-client application where the client will run on Windows and the server probably on Linux. Maybe I'll later port the client over to Mac and Linux, but not yet. All home-...
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Difference in endianness between operating systems [closed]

There is an assembler that I am writing that is located within the file asm.c located in this repository. It uses the instruction set located in the specs file to produce an output binary. (The ...
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How to convert byte-array (4 bytes) back into float? [closed]

A piece of code I'm trying to debug generated a sequence of 4 bytes from a known float number. I'm trying to verify the float number given the four bytes. The (known) float 8.03 generated the bytes ...
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What is the use of MSB and LSB? [duplicate]

I have a hard time understanding the use of MSB (Most significant bit) vs. LSB (Least significant bit) and why they're used at all. It is my understanding that it has to do with Endianness, but I ...
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2 answers

Endianness at bit level

I am learning the union and struct and I wrote the code below. What I do not understand is why the output is different when I change from a little endian to a big endian machine. My understanding is ...
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Processor architectures for testing C/C++ portability

Currently I'm working on a C/C++ code-base which is fairly portable, it can compile on most Unix like systems as well as MS-Windows (MSVC), using various popular compilers. Previously I've found ...
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What are the bytes between the MSB and LSB named? [closed]

I've searched around and can't find anything on what the middle bytes of a >16-bit integer are called, if anything. Are there standard names for these bytes? E.g. the number 0x0D0C0B0A would have: ...
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Little and Big endian confusion

Just to make sure if I understand this correctly. Is this right that little endian processors read the memory addresses from highest to the lowest address and where as a big endian processors suppose ...
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Regarding little endian and big endian conversion

I have a query regarding big endian and little endian. Basically the conversion is used to reverse the byte order in memory . When we need to do the conversion, do we need convert each and every ...
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52 votes
4 answers

Has Little Endian won?

When teaching recently about the Big vs. Little Endian battle, a student asked whether it had been settled, and I realized I didn't know. Looking at the Wikipedia article, it seems that the most ...
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21 votes
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Is there any practical trick to remember the difference between big-endian and little-endian?

I don't work every day with big-endian and little-endian problems and thus I find very difficult to remember which one is what. Recently I got an interview asking the difference between the two; ...
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What is the advantage of little endian format?

Intel processors (and maybe some others) use the little endian format for storage. I always wonder why someone would want to store the bytes in reverse order. Does this format have any advantages ...
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