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How to Validate Output Binary During/After Compilation on Platform without ECC Memory [closed]

On a platform with ECC memory, you can assure the compiled binary is 100% legit with EDAC daemon. (single-bit error will be corrected automatically, and multi-bit error will be logged so you can just ...
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Best way to trigger javascript error to go to catch block

I have a couple of doubts regarding the quality of my code. I'm working on a helper function (for KoaJS) where I'm validating a Firebase ID token. If it is valid, I return the decoded token; otherwise ...
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Data protection: is there anything which is more rigid than simple byte by byte XOR and less complex than CRC-8?

I need to transfer only 5 byte message over the noizy line and I'd like not to make the message much longer with the data protection redundancy. Let's say I suppose that one extra byte should be ...
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Is there a general solution to the problem of "sudden unexpected bursts of errors" in software?

Let me explain what I mean. I have made a complex, highly polished over years PHP framework/library for my own use. I very aggressively log the smallest notice and immediately deal with it as soon as ...
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How to check data has been received correctly with CRC - much confusion here

I am trying to process some serial data (sent over UART). Its coming from a radio controlled receiver, is 27 bytes long. The last 2 bytes of this are a 16bit CRC check according to the spec. The ...
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What is better way to track mistakes in error-prone part of a feature?

That is quite specific circumstances I've come across, and I somewhat struggle to find proper way how to approach this. I'm given a class written in swift-language, which has a control property, like ...
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Error Monitoring On The Apps Which I'm Selling

I'm developing JS and PHP scripts and selling them on various marketplaces. But I need to track/monitor errors on my scripts. Usually, I use Sentry for own web apps, but I'm not sure if it's okay to ...
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How to structure an application (and its user interface) such that extraneous and/or malformed data can be handled?

I recently applied for a position as a software developer. As a part of the recruitment process, I was given an assignment that involves reading data from a file. The thing is that the example file ...
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Reverse engineering a checksum or CRC

I am trying to reverse engineer a checksum or CRC wherein an 8 bit number* gets converted to a 5 bit number for error checking. I have an incomplete list of data values and checksums, and need to ...
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Hamming codes detect error in check bits

I just started learning about hamming codes and they're pretty awesome. I was just wondering though, are the check bits able to detect error in the check bits, as in, if one of the check bits is ...
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Working On Remote Errors in a Variety of Environments Without FTP or SSH Access

BACKGROUND: I've been developing in PHP for two years - self taught, and beyond the most basic editing, really just a year and a half - but my experience is limited to a small number of environments. ...
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Is this a named pattern: Injecting specialized objects to detect fault conditions

I've got an idea, but I wonder whether somebody else already has named it. I'm writing code to control a machine with actuators, motors, etc., and software will be responsible for preventing ...
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How to handle post-validation errors in command (DDD + CQRS)

For example, when you submit a Register form, you have to check in the Domain Model (WriteModel in CQRS) that it is in a valid state (example, email address syntax, age, etc). Then you create a ...
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Why is checking weird bit errors important in garbage collectors?

Here's a rough translation of a tweet by @xharaken. "Space rays hit computers and mess up the bits in the memory" "hardware bugs mess up the bits in the memory" such things almost never happen, but ...
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Should exceptions be raised higher up or lower down or both? [closed]

When calling some function in a Python application, the function often calls functions deeper down which again call functions deeper down, etc. It is easy to unknowlingly pass a bad value to the top-...
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Debug function input vs expecting code users to read the documentation - How far do I go? [duplicate]

I could write an endless amount of debugging code to handle the various components of input for a function, check that the correct data types are used, make sure things are decendants of the proper ...
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Checking for null pointers or allowing a math library to segfault?

I've been going through the GNU GSL design document and came across this interesting line in the Test suites section: N.B. Don't bother to test for null pointers -- it's sufficient for the library ...
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Checking array size in C/C++ to avoid segmentation faults

So it's well known that C does not have any array bounds checking when accessing memory. Nowadays, if you call myArray[7] when you initialised it as int myArray[3], your program will get a segfault ...
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Program like NASA?: Margaret Hamilton's Three Primitive Control Structures [closed]

On slide 19 in a presentation Margaret Hamilton describes three primitive control structures. My goal is to reduce the probability of errors in my code by working with this "design framework". I am ...
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can a logic error happen way later than its cause? [closed]

For comparison, for a runtime fatal error, it is often that the cause of the error is way before the error crashes a program. For a logic error, it doesn't crash a program. It happens when the state ...
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How do you avoid looping mistakes? Mistakes that are not detected by systems [closed]

I had this crazy initialisation -- documentList = new ArrayList<Map<String,Integer>>(); which I intended to store a new map everytime in a loop but unfortunately put itself inside the ...
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Detecting misusage of delete[] vs. delete at compile time

I'd like to know if it's possible to detect the delete error commented below at compile time? Especially, I'd like to hear about g++ compiler. ClassTypeA *abc_ptr = new ClassTypeA[100]; abc_ptr[10]....
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Is '@' Error Suppression a Valid Technique for Testing for an Optional Array Key?

Rarst and I were debating offline about the use of the '@' error suppression operator in PHP, specifically for use to test for existence of "optional" array keys, i.e. array keys that are being used ...
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What is a faster alternative to a CRC?

I'm doing some data transmission from a dsPIC to a PC and I'm doing an 8-bit CRC to every block of 512 bytes to make sure there are no errors. With my CRC code enabled I get about 33KB/s, without it I ...
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