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How to deliver a website to the customer VM (real server) with a trial period?

I have a website that was writing using .net stack technologies. It is accessible via the internet. Some of my potential (Enterprise) customers want me to install the whole website on their own VM and ...
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"parallel construction" vs agree-to-EULA-before-download

There's this application whose official website requires that people provide their email and agree to a EULA before they send you a download link. The EULA forbids redistribution and publication of ...
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If I don't have an EULA, can I just display a general license? [closed]

I wrote a library in Python and I want to have an EULA and agreement box to pop up upon opening the program for the first time, but I don't have a lawyer. I don't know much about terms and conditions, ...
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Is a complete rewrite against the license/eula of this software?

Okey, so I have for a while now been thinking of rewriting the minecraft server, this time in a language called golang. It's just a example project that I can learn a new programming language through.....
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what licence for an application that uses libraries with different licences

I have developed .NET software that uses two libraries: Library A has MIT licence and I'm using my own version of it as I edited the source code of this library. Library B has Ms-PL licence and I use ...
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Can an EULA restrict what you can use an application for? [closed]

I realise this might be offtopic here - but I couldn't find a better place in the stackexchange family. And this question has simply been bugging me for years.. What I wonder is: can an eula define ...
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Is there a precedent for the license on a compiler restricting the kind of development you can use it for?

It was recently let slip that the new EULA for Delphi XE3 will prohibit Client Server development with the Professional edition without the additional purchase of a Client Server license pack. This is ...
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Facebook App EULA & Restrictions: What can't they do that my web app can?

I have written a nifty little web app (in Java/GWT/JS) and have been experimenting with the idea of making it available through Facebook as a Facebook App as well. After spending some time reading ...
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Using Domain name in EULA of a software rather than my name in the Licensor field

I intend to sell a software solution. I have already registered a domain but I don't have a registered company. Can I use my website/domain name ( for the licensor field in the EULA ...
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What license/EULA do I need for free to use software?

I am not sure what exactly I am looking for here, but here are the facts: I will be offering a free to use software, free as in $0 cost only(not OSS). I need a piece of text included in the ...
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Is it okay to use a short EULA?

I need to add an EULA to my (commercial) software but I cannot afford a lawyer. Also I had a look at various EULA examples on the internet but they are all for specific software or countries, and are ...
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What kind of licensing is required for Visual FoxPro?

I am thinking of developing customized software for desktops in Visual FoxPro 9 and want to know what type of licensing is required. As a developer, would I need to have a Visual FoxPro 9 license and ...
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Licensing & EULAs

First off, is there any difference between a license and a EULA? Second, can a developer write his own license or is there some special legal crap you have to do. Finally is there some kind of ...
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