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Is there any scientific evidence that programming katas work?

The idea of programming katas is kind of widespread at this point. A lot of people know what that is, not a lot of people actually practice it. Furthermore, you can find a lot of resources about ...
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Is there evidence that the use of dependency injection improves outcomes in software engineering?

Notwithstanding its popularity, is there any empirical evidence that shows that Dependency Injection (and/or using a DI container) helps with, say, reducing bug counts, improving maintainability, or ...
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Is it bad practice to not delete redundant files right away from VCS but instead mark them as "To be deleted" with comments first?

I wanted to know if the way I deal with source files that need to be deleted from version control could be regarded as bad practice. I want to explain it to you based on that example: I recently ...
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How to verify that library assemblies originate from a given Web site?

How would the following solution be implemented? Would you need to put this code in each library assembly or just in the main assembly that is determining whether it is safe to call the library ...
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Is testable code actually more stable?

A google scholar search turns up numerous papers on testability, including models for computing testability, recommendations for how ones code can be more testable, etc. They all come with the ...
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Empirical evidence for choice of programming paradigm to address a problem

The C2 wiki has a discussion of Empirical Evidence for Object-Oriented Programming that basically concludes there is none beyond appeal to authority. This was last edited in 2008. Discussion here ...
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