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Is it bad practice to export all the names from one module both as named exports and as a default export?

I like to export the names in my modules both as individual named exports and grouped together in a default export. Like this: // mod.js export function f() {} export const x = true export default {f,...
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Encoding text to image and decoding back to text

(FYI: I asked this question on stack overflow and was directed here) My problem is as follows: I have a dashboard running on a server at customer premises which updates every 15 minutes The dashboard ...
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Transferring data from 1 web app into another offline

I have a web app that will be used locally on 2 different site. The program is a Vue web app made with node.js and express, using MySQL database. Due to limitation (no internet in site 1), there is no ...
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Export huge excel file

I develop a web application in Angular (frontend) and Scala (backend) for a big data team. Because they use large files for export/import, I build a module which is a copy of Microsoft Excel. So, what ...
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How to develop an Import/Export Functionality for my node application

I have a configuration application in Nodejs. It has a Component with name and uuid. A Component can have many Schemas. A Schema has a uuid, name, componentId, json. A Schema can have many ...
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Horizontally Scalable Streaming of SQL Query Results

I have a service that runs queries on a database and gets (potentially) large number of rows. I also have services that can export a given set of rows to csv, xlsx or pdf etc. I have separate export ...
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Convention where to place unexportable functions

For the example's sake let's say there is a given file math.js. Think of it as a module containing many reusable functions. The content of file is: export function area(shape) { normalize(shape) ...
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Optimal data structure for binary data/Java

I have several input formats mostly restricted to geotiff and some proprietary binary formats. I import them into my program and then need to export them into various other data formats (also binary) ...
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Way to allow inspection of java data model after exporting to file

I've refactored a program to remove its dependency on an sql database by storing all the state in a memory model. However the manager liked the ability to easily inspect the domain state just by ...
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How to offer custom word processor like editing power from an application

I have a very complex Java application which renders spreadsheet tables and summary documents in a window. These outputs are non standard in the sense that for instance the spreadsheet table isn't ...
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Ideal "intermediate" file format to use for structured/styled text? [closed]

I have files that I want to make available in an variety of formats: HTML PDF EPUB Plain Text (maybe) Most of the files will be sourced in doc, docx, or rtf format, so that needs to be considered. ...
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What is the best strategy for transforming unicode strings into filenames?

I have a bunch (thousands) of resources in an RDF/XML file. I am writing a certain subset of the resources to files -- one file for each, and I'm using the resource's title property as the file name. ...
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Development Patterns for dealing with Data Import / Export

I have a ASP.NET web based application that allows the end user to export data to a flat file format. (essentially taking a point-in-time backup of their work) At a later date they can re-upload (...
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Exporting huge data into XLS in a web application [closed]

I am developing a web application in Java/J2EE, in which I have export functionality. I have used Jasper for the same. The issue is when trying to export a huge set of data it is consuming a lot of ...
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How can I display a diff result in a single file or document? [closed]

I'm reviewing my peer's code. I use SourceGear DiffMerge as my diff program, on a Windows environment. While I'm using the diff program, I can clearly see the code changes, etc. Is it possible to ...
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do I need French export compliance approval to submit an iOS app that uses encryption? [closed]

My company just (5th July 2011) received the following email from Apple: Starting in the first week of July, apps that meet the following criteria are required to comply with French ...
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Do you store mysql exports in your version control tool for reverting to in event of error?

We run an internal web server with in-house software to run a manufacturing line. When new product features are to be added, either or both of the following occur: changes to the in-house server ...
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