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API design question: Should a builder perform expensive validation when building?

I'm working on a library of C++ wrappers/bindings, for another, C-ish, API. The C'ish API has a "launch" function, which, among other things, takes a launch configuration structure (well, ...
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Fail-fast design vs. limiting constructor logic

In any programming task, my preference is to write fail-fast code. That doesn't seem to be too controversial. However, I've also seen many developers say that constructors should do as little as ...
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How to treat unhandled exceptions? (Terminate the application vs. Keep it alive)

What is best practice when a unhandled exceptions occurs in a desktop application? I was thinking about to show a message to the user, so that he can contact support. I would recommend to the user to ...
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How to get bug reports without inconveniencing the user

We have a piece of code that looks something like that: std::vector<int> computeGlobalResult() { auto globalResult = std::vector<int>{}; while (myCollection.size() < 100) ...
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Analogy for fail-fast "speedy" development?

Someone told me that speed is most important for them, so they deploy whatever (to production I assume), fix, redeploy/continuous release and so on. I can't remember exactly, but my takeaway ...
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NServiceBus: What are the advantages of not using retries?

I know you can configure NServiceBus to automatically retry to send messages (FLR: First Level Retries) and wait before retrying again (SLR: Second Level Retries), but, using the default configuration ...
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