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Questions tagged [feasibility]

The quality of a solution that is capable of being accomplished or brought about; technically or economically possible.

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Feasibility of Delievery App

In my town, recently a delivery company has been opened (think DoorDash but on a much smaller scale and only doing local deliveries). Now what really confuses me is that they charge pennies for each ...
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Reduce server hit for reports by caching REST resources

We have a conventional application built using ASP.Net Web forms which uses SQL Server for database. Reports are generated using SSRS. We have a main table called ManifestContainerDetails - this table ...
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Multidimensional multiple-choice knapsack problem: find a feasible solution

My assignment is to use local search heuristics to solve the Multidimensional multiple-choice knapsack problem, but to do so I first need to find a feasible solution to start with. Here is an example ...
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What kind of programs/solutions can only be written with OOP or are too hard to achieve without it? [closed]

Paraphrasing a recent question: I would like to ask the opposite question: What kind ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is SOA an Utopia? [closed]

I have attended to many SOA related sales pitches and presentations through the years. SOA projects have died because of lack of interest or because of grandiose scopes. The very buzzword has lost ...
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13 votes
8 answers

Should you promise to deliver a feature that you aren't sure if its implementable?

In an article from HN, I came across the following advice: Always tell your customer/user "yes", even if you're not sure. 90% of the time, you'll find a way to do it. 10% of the time, you'll go ...
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