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Working Through a User Story

I am trying to tighten up my process for tackling a feature request. Currently, we use trello to manage feature requests using cards. They typically look like this. Card Title: Invite a friend Card ...
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At what Work Item level does the Product Owner prioritize in TFS?

Our team is reviewing our Agile process while we look at moving to Kanban style flow instead of Sprints. One question we are having a hard time answering is At what level (what type of Work Item) ...
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Multiple feature teams multiple products

Evening all. We currently have two feature teams, one Web one mobile. They have their own backlogs. Each have their own product manager and scrum master. Team size is 11 including scrum and product ...
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UML diagrams to describe how a new feature will impact/affect an existing system?

What kind of UML diagrams can describe how a new feature will impact/affect an existing system? For example; my usecase is we have an existing web application (system) that uses framework specific ...
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How to deal with requests that don't conform to the existing data structure?

The system I'm working on has a list of assets that belong to different customers of the company. This data is saved on an SQL database. Removing irrelevant data, let's say the table is like this: +-...
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How to formalize feature requests

I'm new to developing software and have been handling feature requests for an internal web-app I built. Sometimes the feature requests are straight-forward and require minimal business logic for me ...
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A backlog of "bite-size" tasks in parallel to the "main" feature backlog?

After over two years of working in a highly siloed, "lone-wolf" development department structure, we're adopting Agile SCRUM. Great. I like Agile; as a dev it keeps you focused, busy, and productive ...
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Writing a Compiler Compiler - Insight on Use and Features

This is part of a series of questions which focuses on the sister project to the Abstraction Project, which aims to abstract the concepts used in language design in the form of a framework. The ...
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Querying types in a co- or contravariant way

I posted a c# feature request here; however, I do not get a lot of attention there. Therefore I am asking you here, what you think of it. The in and out keywords in generic type declarations are ...
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how to break up feature requests into work units [closed]

Im not a paid developer, I spend two or three hours a day working on a development project as a hobby. As time goes by, I come up with "good-ideas" for the project, that are generally features or bug ...
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I am trying to figure out how difficult or expensive it would be to add this feature

I am trying to figure out how difficult/time consuming it would be to add the following feature: We have a database with our subscribers and we want to send updates to paying subscribers. The catch ...
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12 votes
12 answers

How to handle "can you add just a few more fields" type of requests from customers?

Very commonly we have feature requests for fields that only one customer wants. This, at best, clutters the application's code. Often when we look in their database a few months after adding the ...
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Does anyone know of a simple (free?) feature request tracking system we could use internally for sales people? [closed]

I sometimes hear about pain points of customers using our app from sales people, but there really isn't a good way for us to currently keep track of these. I was going to write one myself but figured ...
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How do you manage feature requests and software changes? [closed]

I am a Software Engineer and over the past few years I have become the de-facto software project manager simply because there isn't one. So to keep our sanity in the R&D/Engineering department, ...
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