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How do I find a good balance in the number and sizes of pull requests I raise? [closed]

Background I've been working with a team of 6 for the last couple of months doing enterprise software development. About half the team is very new (2-6 months). We loosely follow Kanban and manage/...
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What is the best way to code review a work-in-progress?

I am working on a feature with a system that I am unfamiliar with. The feature is not ready, but I want to show the code to my team (who is familiar with the system) so they can give me early ...
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What is the best way to notify the developer (myself) of errors during production?

I'm starting to write production software (just for myself, not for a company with a pre-set mode of operations for this). I want to find a way to send a message from my users to me (the developer) ...
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How can we use RFCs in closed source projects?

I really love the way open source projects use RFC as a tool to get feedback and ideas from the wider community. I've been especially noticing this over the years with the way Ember have been doing ...
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Getting pure feedback early, without damaging brand by exposing unpolished features

Getting useful feedback early in the development cycle gets you to a high-quality feature faster. And the most useful feedback can be in the form of users actually using something in the wild, ...
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Why does a proportional controller have a steady state error?

I've read about feedback loops, how much this steady state error is for a given gain and what to do to remove this steady state error (add integral and/or derivative gains to the controller), but I ...
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Scrum: Short VS long sprint

We were trying to figure out the optimal sprint length for our project. After working on a 3-weeks basis we thought that cutting the sprint to 2-weeks would provide better velocity. The advantages ...
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What's a good model for continuous manager <-> programmer feedback?

Is it important for managers to give devs regular feedback on how they're doing and vice versa? I say vice versa because I consider employees to be responsible to their manager, and managers to be ...
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How to get feedback from the community on large chunks of code?

Code Review.SE is great when you need feedback on a precise, short piece of code. But where to get similar feedback about the code itself when: you have thousands of LOC, don't have colleagues in ...
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How should I handle negative campaigns against my application? [closed]

I developed an app a few years back: while it's outdated and useless compared to what's available today, it was helpful for people when it was first released. I recently searched for my own name on ...
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What are your advice, methods, or practices to take out the most from a day on-site at a customer?

We just deployed a large software that affects the way the user work-day looks like in many aspects. It changes a lot of things in the way they interact between eachothers. The developers of the ...
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Reaction time of big companies to bug reports

I have submitted a bug report over a month ago to one of the biggest software companies about one of their flagship development products (I deliberately not include any more details about this bug ...
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How would you answer this job-interview question? [closed]

One of the five people who interviewed me asked a question that resulted in an hour-long discussion: "Explain how you would develop a frequency-sorted list of the ten thousand most-used words in the ...
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Thoughts on my new template language/HTML generator? [closed]

I guess I should have pre-faced this with: Yes, I know there is no need for a new templating language, but I want to make a new one anyway, because I'm a fool. That aside, how can I improve my ...
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Data validation best practices: how can I better construct user feedback?

Data validation, whether it be domain object, form, or any other type of input validation, could theoretically be part of any development effort, no matter its size or complexity. I sometimes find ...
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How should I be keeping track of php script version/changes?

How should I be keeping track of a php script's versions/changes when it pertains to a single script in one file? Should I have a separate changelog, and if so (1) what should it be named, (2) how ...
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