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How to convert a powershell script to opensource `.exe`?

To make an installation of opensource software for the Windows platform single click, I am trying to convert the setup.ps1 into a setup.exe file. (To make a powershell script executable in a single (...
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What is the name for the non-extension part of a filename? [closed]

Given the file path: /some/path/abc.txt The filename is "abc.txt", and extension is "txt". What is the "industry standard", unambiguous name for the "abc" part? For reference, in both java's older ...
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Files included without extensions? [closed]

I noticed a long time ago that a number of files included with projects, especially files called README, LICENSE, and so forth, frequently have no filename extension. This is strange to me because it ...
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What would be the best way to learn about compilers, and executable formats? [duplicate]

I want to write my own compiler for my own language. Yes, it's going to be hard, and it will take long, but I think it will be worth it. I have looked into, and read about executable ...
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Long Filename Extensions: Why Not

I'm finishing up my app for iPad, and the filename extension (used mostly so that Mail and Dropbox know what program to open the files in) is 12 characters long. The only filename extension that is ...
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Good extension name for a war file with source

Is there a name for a Java Webapp's war that includes the source code? We will be using a webserver that accepts Java Web Projects with source code) uploaded into the docroot folder, so docroot/admin....
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What file extension do you use for your template/view files in PHP? [closed]

I'm building a Model-View-Controller framework, and it has come time to decide how I will be creating and using view templates and layouts. Some frameworks use special extensions for these files. ...
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