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What is the correct way to configure a testing mode on a class?

I have a repository which reads and writes to Firestore, and some tests to make sure data is sent and comes back in the correct way. In order to test this I added a protected function which returns ...
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How to merge SQL Server database authentication with firebase authentication?

I have Firebase connected to my web app and users can authenticate using the 'microsoft' provider. The provider only allows authenticating with the active directory tenant that I specified in my ...
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Firebase Auth system with Rails API design

TLDR; How can I utilize Firebase Auth in my iOS application and sync the Firebase ID with a user in my API? I am in the process of designing an iOS application that reads from a Rails API. When first ...
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How do I store reported comments/photos in firestore?

I want to learn firestore and to this end I created small project which replicates instagram. Not all functionalities of course, just the very basics - photo sharing, comments and the possibility to ...
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Thoughts on adding a DB collection with a single record for version

I'm building an application with Google Firebase and Firestore that has its structure defined in the DB. This structure is not very big and doesn't change all that often. This structure is stored in ...
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Loading in and Autocompleting a CSV File React

I'm currently working on a React Application with Firebase that involves a ton of data manipulation and reading. One specific feature is the ability to autofill a form based on a very large CSV file (...
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Can modeling Firestore using CQRS concept will prevent from Firebase locked-in?

I decided to go with Firestore to our new project. The goal is I don't want our server logics and database designs are locked-in by Cloud Function and Firestore, And also long-term maintainability. ...
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Tableview cells repeating containing collection view Swift

I am having trouble presenting my tableview cells containing a Collectionview correctly. I want to display a different animal in each section based on the firebase data. My problem is about every 4 ...
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