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Adobe Flex is a framework designed for rapid Rich Internet Application development which runs on Flash Player or Adobe Air.

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What should be the datatype of the tokens a lexer returns to its parser?

As said in the title, which data type should a lexer return/give the parser? When reading the lexical analysis article that Wikipedia has, it stated that: In computer science, lexical analysis is ...
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BlazeDS: Server DTO method naming convention

I have the following field in Flex: [Bindable] public var zIndex:uint; And I was trying to create the methods to process the calls in Java and I ran into a problem. 1. public int getZIndex(); // ...
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UI (Specifically FLEX) automation testing

I was wondering whether the community utilizes automation tests to the extent of UI? Is there some common best practices for testing UI? Also - the product I'm working on is flex-based. I would love ...
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Given the presentation model pattern, is the view, presentation model, or model responsible for adding child views to an existing view at runtime?

I am building a Flex 4 based application using the presentation model design pattern. This application will have several different components to it as shown in the image below. The MainView and ...
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SSO between multiple Flex applications [closed]

We have three applications developed in Flex and all these use BlazeDS. These applications have their own authentication implementations (Database). Also they will be deployed in tomcat. Deploying all ...
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How can you use an LGPLv2.1 licenced AS3 library in a proprietary Flex app without "giving away the farm"?

Consider a Flex (actually AIR) application that is considered proprietary, but needs to use an LGPLv2.1 AS3 library, so that it is considered a "work that uses the Library" according to the license ...
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Do / how do the various flex frameworks work with Flash Builder

I have been reading about various Flex frame works, Robot Legs, Swiz, Cairgnom (spelling error) and a few others. What I am missing is how they actually work with Flex / Flash Builder. Are they simply ...
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Flash development under Ubuntu

It's unfortunate, but I'm taking this course that would require me to work in Flash CS3 (specifically programming), which would make me use windows. I'm very used to development under Ubuntu, and ...
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Is the reason why everyone complains about flash app performance due to the fact that most flash apps are built with the flex framework?

Do you think flash performance is bad mainly due to the fact that most people build flash applications using the flex framework? As opposed to the problem having everything to do with the lower level ...
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What is the best practice to develop a visual component in Flex Hero?

What is the best practice to develop a visual component in Flex Hero? I do it like this: I consider a component has 2 "parts", the declarative part (the visual sub-components) which I define in the ...
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Why learn Flash Builder 4 (Flex) when I can just use Flash Professional?

I want to learn Flash Builder 4 (Flex) because I see so many jobs requesting experience with it. I also just like knowing stuff. I am also very interested in focusing on RIA development now. BUT... ...
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What are the advantages of using Adobe Flex? [closed]

I've used Adobe Flex to develop a web application and I simply don't have an opinion of it, it looks good to the user and the code can't be seen for most users, but, is that it? What other advantage ...
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