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Job Scheduling Software

I am designing a Job scheduling software. Users of the software will define the job definition in XML like format e.g. <job> job_name myjob &...
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Should Flux mutation logic always be done in the store, or can it be delegated to a class?

(I am using Vuex but the question applies to any Flux architecture.) I don't have a great understanding of the reasoning behind Flux architecture. I understand that it is nice to have all of the ...
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Does Flux/Redux concept about application state put bounds on the size of application?

In Redux (React Flux implementation) guide it is said, that In Redux, all the application state is stored as a single object My questions are: How seriously ...
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Is this flux design for angular good?

I am currently on an angular 1.x project, and we are about to add user interactions that will cause data changes. We already identified some flows in our app that seem like flux might resolve, so we ...
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Is it common/appropriate to have a Flux application that combines Actions and Dispatchers?

I just picked up a React/Flux app and I'm new to the technology stack. One of the things that's throwing me off is that just about every tutorial I view on this stack very clearly defines Dispatchers ...
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How to structure a REST API response for a Flux/Redux frontend?

I have a question about how to structure a response where I return objects related to other objects (one-to-many/many-to-one), and to tell me if the way I've structured my endpoints are wrong or not, ...
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React.js + Flux, immediate response during history back/forward

In Instagram (web), when you click back/forward arrows - I've noticed that the content isn't loaded from the server and it immediately show up. After reading the docs on react.js + flux, I had this ...
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