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What would be the pros and cons of requiring major versions to be forward compatible? [closed]

So I was learning about forward compatibility, and I was wondering if you could warn a "dependent" that a dependency is backward compatible, but not forward compatible*, and vice-versa. The SemVer ...
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How to architect enterprise desktop applications for Windows 8

I think I have a grasp on the expectations of consumer application development for Windows 8. Create a new Metro-based UI on top of WinRT, deploy it to your customer via the Marketplace, and everyone ...
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Version Changes: How considerable are the compatibility issues in project?

For example if we consider ActionScript2.0(based on Objects but programming does not implement much OOP ) vs 3.0(highly OOP) its like a whole new scripting language in the sense of approach, ...
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What are the most common reasons for lack of forward compatibility

Some companies, like Blizzard, make software that continues to work well in future versions of Windows and with newer versions of their other software dependencies. Other companies (mostly ones that ...
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