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Best freeware license for my closed-source application [closed]

I have no experience in software licensing so far. I am releasing my first application but I am not familiar with any licenses. Most of the the summeries found that I can understand (http://opensource....
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Is it actually possible (practically) to sell Open Source software? [duplicate]

Open source software can be used for commercial purposes. It is said that You can even sell Open Source software. How does this work? If I sell my open-source product (copyleft or permissive), ...
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Software licensing of free abandonware

I recently found the game that was my first encounter with a computer, a DOS game running in text mode. It was released in 1984 and is available on abandonware sites, but I've started to wonder if I ...
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How to choose a the correct license for a project?

The applications that I develop on my free time are getting bigger and I'm planning to launch some other projects that I'm currently developing, so I want to know how to choose the correct license for ...
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Why freeware (closed-source) instead of open-source?

I'm wondering why some people release software as freeware, yet they don't release the source code. Why is that? I can think of some reasons, yet most of them don't make very much sense. Why would you ...
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How to make profit from freeware application?

The components that I'm using are restricting me from selling the application. Any ideas how to still make a profit from it? I've seen some freeware apps which set your homepage to some site, I guess ...
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7 answers

Rationale behind freeware projects

I've seen some freeware projects in the past where the author(s) invested a significant amount of their personal time and resources and never even considered charging for the software. A lot of these ...
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198 votes
62 answers

Why do programmers write closed source applications and then make them free? [closed]

As an entrepreneur/programmer who makes a good living from writing and selling software, I'm dumbfounded as to why developers write applications and then put them up on the Internet for free. You've ...