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Inner and outer class relationship: should outer class be friend of inner's?

Is this design bad? Does it break encapsulation? The structure class B is a component of class A. Therefore, class A needs access to class B's members. Let a house be class A. Let a housekeeper be a ...
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Should I use friend classes in C++ to allow access to hidden members?

Here is my situation (a simple example). Say I have a class called HiddenData Then I have another class called StoreHiddenData And finaly a class called OperateHiddenData Here's the thing, my ...
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C++ to friend or not to friend

I have an object oriented programming with c++ course this semester at college and we were learning about friend functions. I instinctively dislike them for their ability to bypass the security that ...
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C# Unit Testing In A Single Project

Alright, so I'm doing my first "real" C# project. I'm chugging along, enjoying myself, nice little language I've got here, fairly easy to use, la ti da. Then I get to the point that I realize there'...
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