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Real time GPS Match Making

I'm building a feature that needs to store a number of service providers and their real-time locations, so when a user makes a job request, the system identifies the nearest service provider and ...
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Is there a way to discover nearby devices in proximity, but without exposing your actual location to the server?

I'm working on an app that will focus on P2P communication via WebRTC. Part of the app's functionality is discovering other devices in an x mile radius and then being able to initiate communication ...
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Picking data store for Location Tracking Based Application

I have one design problem for one of my projects based on location tracking. The scenario is I have multiple devices(for some business) all over the city and have GPS installed inside, the device is ...
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Strategy for dealing with geolocation and geocoding inaccuracies

For a mobile app, we are using the Google APIs for geolocation and geocoding. The basic use case is to find entities within a certain radius (in the range of a couple of kilometers) of each other. ...
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QR Code Scanning with location check

I would like to make an order-system with QR-Codes which is online. How I imagine it to work: A customer visits a restaurant. There is a QR-Code on his table which takes him to a public webpage where ...
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I want to write a location based app using Yelp api. How do I add new locations?

I want to write react native app. The main functionality of the app is location based - I fetch some locations from Yelp api, but how do I tackle new businesses? My current solution: I fetch location ...
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How does Power saving mode for detecting location in Android work?

On Android, the "Power saving" option within the location settings means that wifi and mobile networks are used to determine location. What data points from these access points does it use ...
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Can iOS App Process Location Info while it's not running?

I want to ask about iOS application characteristic/behavior regarding processing location information. My previous wording isn't straightforward and seems to make it look unclear (which is my problem ...
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Using IP to calculate Tax

I understand that if I sell things online, I need to calculate Taxes based on customer location. Can I use IP to locate customer or should I ask them explicitly? If it is fine to use IP to identify ...
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Data backend for a 'Nearby' places application

Context I am building an application for searching places 'Nearby' akin to Yelp/Google. Objective for this question Recommend a strategy to do paginated searches based on location and ask for ...
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Geolocation client side requests: Key and ID storage

I'm developing a small web-app to help users manage shopping lists. One of the required features is the ability of the application to notify the user if a shop of the same category is near him/her. ...
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What are formats to store geographic maps for a robot to travel point A to point B

Very beginner. Need to compute route from A to B for a robot. i would like to know how to store area map and compute the route. I can compute shortest path etc using algorithms e.g. dijkstra. What ...
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How do I efficiently search for all the landmarks within a range of a certain landmark?

I am trying to start with a geo search project that will find all landmarks in the 10 km/miles (not important for this story) of a particular landmark. So for example, lets say I have a database of a ...
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Finding appropriate positions for coordinates added to a coordinate-list

I am looking for the most efficient way to find the appropriate position of a geographical coordinate in a list of other (geographical) coordinates forming a route. That may sound a little cryptical, ...
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Bluetooth on to receive Beacon signal?

I'm unclear on how a BLE Beacon and device architecture works. As I understand, there's two "types" of Bluetooth: a classic version which has relatively high battery consumption (I imagine this being ...
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How does cab booking service select the nearest driver coordinates?

I understand Uber (or any other cab service) server receives the user coordinates through apps. Say I book the cab at 10am. How does Uber know which cab is vacant and nearest to the user coordinate, ...
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Extract significant locations from GPS readings

I'm writing an app that continuously monitors user location 24 hours a day using a mobile phone with readings every 5-30 mins (about 50-300 readings a day). How do I cluster readings and extract user ...
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Find likely candidates for visited locations along GPS track

I'm creating a visualization tool for workout data, specializing on bicycle rides. I'm looking for ways to generate more value from the data that was recorded. Since there usually is a GPS track ...
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