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GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use the open-source Git revision control system.

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Should I keep my GitHub forked repositories around forever?

So I've forked someone else's repository, made a few changes, submitted a pull request, and my changes made it into the product. Great! But...what should I do with my forked repository? Is there a ...
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Why squash git commits for pull requests?

Why does every serious Github repo I do pull requests for want me to squash my commits into a single commit? I thought the git log was there so you could inspect all your history and see exactly what ...
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Should images be stored in a git repository?

For a distributed team that uses Git and GitHub as version control, should images also be stored in the git repository? The images in question are small/medium-sized web-friendly images. For the most ...
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Maintain hundreds of customized branches over master branch

Currently we have one master branch for our PHP application in a shared repository. We have more than 500 clients who are subscribers of our software, most of whom have some customization for ...
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The trend of the "develop" branch going away

I've noticed something lately looking at some popular projects on GitHub, that there's no develop branch. And in fact, the GitHub Flow guide doesn't mention it either. From my understanding, master ...
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Forking a repo on GitHub but allowing new issues on the fork [closed]

I have previously forked other people's repos on GitHub, and I have noticed that issues stay with the original repo, and that I can't file issues on the forked repo. I now have the following task. I ...
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Why do people fork repositories on GitHub? [closed]

I noticed that a lot of GitHub accounts only have repositories which are forked from other accounts. In addition the people who do this usually don't make any contributions to the forked repositories. ...
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If I fork a project on Github that is licensed under MIT, how do I handle the attribution and copyright notice?

If I plan to fork an MIT project and significantly modify and rename it, how do I handle the copyright notice above the MIT license on the main License file. Would I list the original author and my ...
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Is it advisable to ask employees to create 'work' GitHub accounts?

I've moved all our company Git repositories to GitHub and now I want to add employees to the projects. Since most employees already have personal GitHub accounts, I'm wondering whether I should ask ...
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Should I submit a pull request to correct minor typos in a Readme file?

While going through the README file of a GitHub repository I am not a contributor of, I noticed a few minor typos and wondered if I should submit a pull request to correct them or if reviewing the ...
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Why learn git when there are GUI apps for GitHub?

Given that GitHub provides GUI apps for both Mac and Windows, what are the benefits of learning to use git from the command line? Currently I'm using their mac app to update my repositories, and so ...
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What is the relevance of resumes in the age of GitHub, Stack Exchange, Coursera, Udacity, blogs, etc.? [closed]

My resume is no longer relevant. It can no longer contain an adequate description of my technical abilities. One can get a much better sense of what I am capable of by looking at my GitHub ...
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In code review, should I ask to do a refactor outside of the scope in a pull request?

I have been studying the best practices for a code review, and I was wondering what to do in the following scenario: During a code review, I see potential improvements, but decide that they are ...
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As a sole developer (for now), how should I be using Git?

I have multiple projects on Git that I eventually want to bring others into. However, right now it's just me and I use Git and GitHub very simplistically: no branches and basically just using the ...
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Gerrit code review, or Github's fork and pull model?

I am starting a software project that will be team AND community developed. I was previously sold on gerrit, but now Github's fork and pull request model seem to almost provide more tools, ways to ...
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68 votes
3 answers

Declaring multiple licences in a GitHub project

For years, I've been a great fan of putting licences on things shared online to make it easier for others to determine if and how they can reuse said things. Before GitHub began to gently 'push' its ...
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Is there a purpose for using pull requests on my own repo if I am the only developer?

So I got started with a real project of mine on GitHub and things are going pretty well and ideas are flowing a lot faster than I initially thought. In order to keep things organized, I setup some ...
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If GitHub interacts with Git, and Git is licensed under GPLv2, shouldn't GitHub be open source?

Since Git is licensed under GPLv2, and, to my understanding, GitHub interacts with Git, shouldn't the whole GitHub codebase be open-sourced in a GPL-compatible license?
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How would you assess a programmer's Github profile? [closed]

Lots of people in the open source community say they strongly consider a candidate's Github profile when hiring. I'm active on Github, with a few projects of my own and some contributions to others. ...
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Should I create separate work and personal GitHub accounts? [closed]

I'm fairly new to programming, and I've been working on many personal projects, which I'm concerned can come across as silly and unprofessional. The kind of projects I have are a Reddit Image ...
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How should I contribute to a (mostly) abandoned GitHub project?

I've recently been trying to get into open source collaboration in GitHub and have run into a situation for which I am curious what is the preferred way to proceed. About a month ago, I found a ...
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How does one handle sensitive data when using Github and Heroku?

I am not yet accustomed with the way Git works (And wonder if someone besides Linus is ;)). If you use Heroku to host you application, you need to have your code checked in a Git repo. If you work on ...
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Understanding the difference of branch between SVN and Git

I am a user of SVN and now I am learning Git. In SVN I usually checkout on my local machine a repo, which includes all branches in my project and I used to select the folder for my branch I am ...
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Getting involved on Github (how to find projects) [closed]

I want to contribute to open source projects on Github. Mostly, I'd like to just start out fixing small bugs or adding features. I don't have a particular project in mind. I'd like to work on C, C++, ...
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11 answers

Why "Fork me on GitHub"? [closed]

I understand how GitHub works, but one thing I've been confused about is, why almost every OSS project lately has a "Fork me on GitHub" link on their homepage. For example,, http://...
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How to manage github issues for (priority, etc)? [closed]

I'm new to github, and am looking for advice on how to manage issues. I'm used to having priority and other ordering options but see that none exist. How do others manages issues during the ...
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What to do with abandoned issues in GitHub?

If someone opens an issue on GitHub but more information to reproduce the error is asked and never given, what's the normal procedure? Example. Here the author states that the "nav breaks". While I ...
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4 answers

code review with git-flow and github

With regular git and GitHub, I can do a code review by simply creating a pull request of the feature branch I'm working on to the master branch. How would I do code reviews with git-flow? With a ...
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Should a github maintainer rewrite author's in pull requests?

I'm not a programmer by profession, but I do some coding and have used github some. I've run across what I find to be a surprising situation. I'm very familiar with git. There is a project which I ...
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2 answers

Is it better to start a Pull Request or perform a local merge commit on master?

I have been using GitHub for quite some time now and I usually used to push my feature-branches and then start a Pull Request which I myself merged. I found it helped me keep track of where I merged ...
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Pulling in changes from a forked repo without a request on GitHub?

I'm new to the social coding community and don't know how to proceed properly in this situation: I've created a GitHub Repository a couple weeks ago. Someone forked the project and has made some ...
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4 answers

Managing multiple people working on a project with GIT

I'm very new to GIT/GitHub (as new as starting yesterday). I would like to know what is the best way to manage multiple people working on the same project with Github. Currently I'm managing one ...
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In GitHub flow, is it OK to base feature branch on another feature branch?

We use GitHub Flow in our project and most of the time, we open a new feature branch from master, do some work there, open a PR, review the code and merge back into master. However, my current work ...
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What is the etiquette of renaming an open source fork?

I want to fork on Github the TestNG java testing framework (Apache 2 license) so I can add/change some minor things to suit my needs. It's unlikely that all of my changes would be approved in the ...
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33 votes
3 answers

What is the best way to code review a work-in-progress?

I am working on a feature with a system that I am unfamiliar with. The feature is not ready, but I want to show the code to my team (who is familiar with the system) so they can give me early ...
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8 answers

How safe & trustworthy are hosting sites such as sourceforge, github or bitbucket for closed-source projects? [closed]

I am considering using sourceforge, bitbucket or github for managing source control for my business. I have open projects and I participate in open projects such as gcc. But I also have a business ...
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What is the license of a GitHub Gist? [duplicate]

Sometimes a GitHub Gist contains carefully crafted code that seems to qualify for what the Apache License would call a "original work of authorship", but the as far as I can tell the author never ...
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5 answers

When should we clean up old, no longer used GIT branches?

We have several bugfix branches that are starting to pile up. They have been merged into master, and deployed to production. Is there a good benchmark for when these branches should be cleaned up? ...
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3 answers

How to deal with well-meaning open-source contributors?

If a programmer contacts you and asks to contribute to your project, how do you handle it? You don't know if this guy is any good. Perhaps he'll be more trouble than he's worth. He might be trying to ...
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How does Github calculate language percentage in a repo?

I have a repo with Ruby and PHP code in it. Github says my repo is 74.8% PHP and 25.2% Ruby I do not understand how this can be. When I compare the 2 languages in my project: # Count how many files:...
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Git: Branch or Fork?

I have a game project that will have two versions: A simple version of the game, the core. An advanced version of the game. I have the 1st version in my public repository, and only I will be ...
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3 answers

What is a "markdown-formatted" README file on Github?

It's unclear to me what the format is, if there's systematic/command-line requirements for creating it, etc. Basically, just to need to know the specs, and if there's technical steps for generating ...
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2 answers

Forking project on Github process

There is a project on Github that I mostly like and want to use. There are a few things I want to do differently/remove that doesn't make sense for what I want/need. Also I want to add a few things as ...
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Is it correct to ask contributers to rebase their pull requests on github

I maintain a relatively popular github repo. When a pull request is good to merge I usually ask the author to rebase it to a single commit before I merge it (especially when there have been multiple ...
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6 answers

git / other VCS - how often to commit? [duplicate]

I've been a programmer now for over 11 years, and am just starting to get into version control for real. The places I've worked at have never really used version control (one committed at the end of ...
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4 answers

How to use github, branches and automatic releases for version management? [closed]

I understand most of the basic Git/Github concepts by now, however I still have trouble understanding the bigger picture. These are some things that I have managed to get working so far: Push ...
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What is best practice for handling PRs addressing security vulnerabilities in public repo?

How should an open source project with a public repository best handle pull requests (PRs) that address securely reported but not yet publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities? I'm involved in an ...
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3 answers

On GitHub, etiquette and pull requests [duplicate]

If someone forks your repository and commits some changes, what is the accepted way to proceed if you'd like to ask them whether it's alright to pull those changes in? Can you issue a pull request on ...
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Etiquette for editing someone's pull request

I own a repository on GitHub to which someone sent a pull request with one single commit. I only want to implement his solution partially, and use about half of the code changes the user made. What ...
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github team workflow - to fork or not?

We're a small team of web developers currently using subversion but soon we're making a switch to github. I'm looking at different types of github workflows, and we're not sure if the whole forking ...
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