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How do cloud platforms-as-a-service measure CPU time?

I'm currently assessing Google App Engine, and one of the answers from Hidden limitations of Google App Engine? stated: Performance will surprise you. GAE is optimized for many tiny queries and ...
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Oracle owns Java but Google is using Java?

Ok, I don't get it. What does "Oracle owns Java" mean? Google is definitely using Java in Google App Engine, does that mean that Google have to pay Oracle for doing so?
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What Are The Best Practices for Managing Version Strings in Google App Engine Apps?

In Google App Engine, you can upload up to 10 different versions on your appspot project. For instance, if I have a project called example, the URL would be: Each version ...
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Google App. Engine for RoR and Python apps

I fairly understand that this Q+A site is programmers destination and questions on hosting are not permitted here, but anyone who has heard of Google's App. Engine is well aware that this question is ...
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Clojure Web Application: EC2 or GAE?

I am developing a web application written in Clojure using the Compojure framework. My question is, should I deploy to Amazon EC2 or Google App Engine? I've read this article on running Clojure code ...
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Just wondering about "Do-It Yourself Apps" on the internet versus apps written by us developers

I have been doing Objective-C programming over the past few weeks, and I have learnt a lot. However, I see that there are other Web-companies offering services to consumers directly from their website ...
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How should calculations be handled in a document database

Ok, so I have a program that basically logs errors into a nosql database. Right now there is just a single model for an error and its stored as a document in the nosql database. Basically I want to ...
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Thoughts of Cloud Development/Google App Engine [closed]

I use mainly PHP for web development, but recently, I started thinking about using Google App Engine. It doesn't use PHP which I am already familiar with, so there will be a steeper learning curve. ...
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What's the cheapest way to host hobby projects? [closed]

What's the best place to put your hobby web projects(the web app itself, not the code) ? Typically, the projects are such that: a) I just want to test out an interesting idea without exploring the ...
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Google App Engine -- should we use it? [closed]

I'm considering using Google App Engine for an online matchmaking (and possibly ranking, not sure) of users in a (currently hypothetical) RTS game. However, I just read this bad review, which has made ...
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Do you think that GAE alone is enough to justify learning Python over Ruby? [closed]

Considering the fact that you don't have to get involved in setting up/buying a server or even buying a domain, do you think that fact alone is enough to choose one over the other? I don't ...
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Windows Azure vs Amazon EC2 vs Google App Engine

From a developer point of view which platform would you consider for a large social web application? If you could provide some details on what you consider to be the strengths of which alternative it ...
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