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Google Cloud Datastore is a fully managed service for storing non-relational data.

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designing a secure/encrypted file storage for a multi-tenant saas app with local and cloud storage in mind

as the title suggest, I need to handle the tenant files in a multi-tenant saas app. fairly common scenario I believe and should have been solved by the gurus already. right now the app is in infancy ...
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Synchronize local data with server data in an android application [closed]

I'm starting to develop an android application where I have to persist user data. For server data I want to use Google Cloud with noSQL but I don't know what to use to save data in local memory when ...
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How do I write tests against an eventually consistent service?

I'm building a service on top of Google App Engine Datastore, which is an eventually consistent data store. For my application, this is fine. However, I'm developing tests that do things like PUT ...
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Google App Engine overview

I have gone through many Google App Engine tutorials, and I became quite familiar with how to do basic stuff like implementing a webapp2.RequestHandler, and using ndb.Models to manage your data. Now, ...
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Google Datastore and deep records

I'm in the beginning of creating a website that uses Google Datastore to store information related to clients and I'm curious if the record is too deep for NoSQL or if I'm fine. Essentially I'll be ...
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On Developing Web Services with Global State

I'm new to web programming. I'm more experienced and comfortable with client-side code. Recently, I've been dabbling in web programming through Python's Google App Engine. I ran into some difficulty ...
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Designing persistence schema for BigTable on AppEngine

I have tried to design the datastore schema for a very small application. That schema would have been very simple, if not trivial, using a relational database with foreign keys, many-to-many relations,...
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is GAE an infrastructure capable of hosting an app used by millions of active users?

I would like to know with the restrictions of GAE listed below, is it even possible to build a great social app (like Facebook) by hosting that app on GAE? In other words is GAE an infrastructure ...
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How do cloud platforms-as-a-service measure CPU time?

I'm currently assessing Google App Engine, and one of the answers from Hidden limitations of Google App Engine? stated: Performance will surprise you. GAE is optimized for many tiny queries and ...
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