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Questions tagged [google-maps]

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Feasibility of Delievery App

In my town, recently a delivery company has been opened (think DoorDash but on a much smaller scale and only doing local deliveries). Now what really confuses me is that they charge pennies for each ...
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Best way to lookup cities/provinces and regions

I have a multi-language web site. On the web site, users can search products and services by geographic areas. I am asking which is best approach to performs search of geographic areas. In this ...
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Grouping search results on a map

I am building a mobile app which lets users search for POIs around them on a map. I am curious to know what would be the best way to "group/paginate" these results in order to avoid downloading ...
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What are formats to store geographic maps for a robot to travel point A to point B

Very beginner. Need to compute route from A to B for a robot. i would like to know how to store area map and compute the route. I can compute shortest path etc using algorithms e.g. dijkstra. What ...
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How do I efficiently search for all the landmarks within a range of a certain landmark?

I am trying to start with a geo search project that will find all landmarks in the 10 km/miles (not important for this story) of a particular landmark. So for example, lets say I have a database of a ...
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Why was Google Maps built using canvas? If it was built today, would it have rather used react/angular? Why (not)? [closed]

Google Maps' frontend is almost completely dependent on canvas. Given that it was initially developed a long time ago, is it still the best approach to take to build such a UI? If not, what is and ...
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2 answers

Google Map API as an actor to my system [closed]

My system will deal with Google map API to locate user's location after his/her request. I am drawing the use case diagram and wondering if "Google Map API" should be an external actor to my system ...
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How to handle Google Maps locations storage and fetching

I'm developing a google maps application with 50 locations/markers and expecting it to reach about 1000 in a month, each location has a separate database record with properties: Name, Description, ...
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