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Cache aware job placement algorithm

I am looking for an advise on selecting or building a job placement algorithm. In my company we have a simple computing platform built on top of kubernetes. Multiple clients, send compute jobs to a ...
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Setting up mathematical computations to run in the background and/or on multiple devices [closed]

I'm mainly a mathematician, and I am currently doing research into something that I would need to compute. Using basic Octave or Python commands makes the application unresponsive. However, I have ...
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Multi-instance Microservice Grid: Preventing Duplication Of Effort When Resolving Cached Resources

Background: We are in the process of converting a traditional multi-service Windows Service (WS) application into an Azure Service Fabric microservices grid running on a Service Bus messaging layer. ...
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Open Grid Engine or Akka/Something more fault tolerant?

My use case is that I have a pipeline of independent, stand alone programs, that I want to execute in a certain order on specific pieces of data that are output from previous pipeline stages. The ...
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What is the difference between E-Science Infrastructures and Distributed Computing Infrastructures

What is the difference between eScience infrastructures and grid computing or distributed computing infrastructures? And what are some of their examples. I can not distinguish them clearly. Is it ...
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How to determine the source of a request in a distributed service system?

Map/Reduce is a great concept for sorting large quantities of data at once. What to do if you have small parts of data and you need to reduce it all the time? Simple example - choosing a service for ...
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How can I learn about Distributed Software Systems as efficiently as possible? [closed]

I'm trying to learn cloud-computing, especially the idea of distributed operations (Grid Computing?) for a project I'm working on. We'll need to perform distributed fault-tolerant operations over a ...
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