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GRPC over internet

I want to build a grpc server which will be run by a company (service provider) and multiple client each run by a different company (a client). I thought of this instead using a Rest API to get ...
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Where is the advantage to use Auth0 with gRPC?

I have read this example: In this example it explains how to implement authorization in a gRPC service. It says that the client request a ...
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GRPC request from web client to backend

Suppose there is a third-party application which offers GRPC services with authentication. You want to use these services in your web application. So you will basically use that service behind the ...
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Security of the cerfiticates in the client application in a gRPC service

I have a gRPC service and I was thikning about the security aspects in the client side. I have only one certificate (public and private certificates) for the client, that it is uses for all my clients,...
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How inter-process communication is handled on .NET Core?

I have to implement a bi-directional communication between two local process with support to backward compatibility .NET Core/NET Framework and platform architecture x86/x64. The options that i have ...
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adding optional code for bad protocol state check

I've got a GRPC API that I'm designing. It includes an RPC method that requires the caller follow-up with another API call. Some pseudo-code a client might write: val apiInstsance = makeAPIInstance() ...
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Single Gateway for multiple gRPC Services

Currently I have a monolithic gRPC server that implements several service stubs that are utilized by a large amount of internal client programs (none of this is public internet facing). As our ...
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High availability RabbitMQ using gRPC as transport layer?

I have an idea to use gRPC for all microservices communication for the sake of simplicity. Now there is a service that needs high availability, So the idea is to use RabitMQ as a message receiver from ...
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