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What is best way to develop GUI for application written in C, and also add networking functionality in it?

I have an application written in C. I have to develop a GUI for it. This application will be connected to the internet and will send and receive requests and responses through the network. One way is ...
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Should an object keep a reference to a sibling object, or access through mutual owner's method

For context, I'm building a GTK+ application in C where a subclass of GtkApplicationWindow creates and displays a subclass of GtkToolbar and a GtkNotebook (a widget with multiple pages that can be ...
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How do I build a Linux C project on windows?

I recently completed a C project that uses GTK and OpenSSL. I have native binaries in linux and they run just great. However my new goal is to make as close to native as I can with a build for windows....
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gtkmm manage/add vs smart pointers:

gtkmm provides lifetime management of widgets using Gtk::Widget* aWidget = Gtk::manage(new Widget()); Gtk::Widget.add(*aWidget); This delegates lifetime management of aWidget to its container ...
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QT-C++ vs Generic C++ and STL [closed]

Been brushing up on my C++ lately, on Ubuntu QQ. I love the Qt framework for everything, especially building GUI's. I became quite familiar with it when using PyQt over the last few years. When ...
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OOP when using a GUI Designer

I usually do database and web development but at the moment I'm learning desktop development with Mono and Gtk# using using the MonoDevelop IDE. I'm also using the Stetic GUI Designer inside ...
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Is it possible to keep only one Database for both web and desktop applications?

I'm experiencing a trouble with my business model, let me explain better. I'm developing a software for 1 year and few months, it's for the food industry, more exactly a software to: Delivery, Take ...
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How do I organize a GUI application for passing around events and for setting up reads from a shared resource

My tools involved here are GTK and Haskell. My questions are probably pretty trivial for anyone who has done significant GUI work, but I've been off in the equivalent of CGI applications for my whole ...
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