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How do I save user data in a file and populate the GUI/Software based on that file?

So I'm developing a GUI that consists of many widgets such as checkbox, buttons, radio-buttons, combo-box using Python Qt5. This GUI is to perform some calcualtion based on user choices. I'm trying to ...
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What is the best unit of measurement for drawing with user scripts?

I want to make an android app that allows you to write scripts to draw stuff. Like text, buttons, images... using opengl. Now, if i have a function that draws an image like this: drawImage( ...
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How to separate serialization, visualization and computation from GUI editable code objects?

This might be an X Y problem, but here's my situation. I've got a QT5 C++ code base whose task it is to allow for the configuration of a "process chain". A "process chain" here means a list of ...
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Good design patterns within JavaFX -- MVC?

I have used a lot of JavaFX and am familiar with the technical aspects. Now, as I foray into a very large application with hundreds of views, I want to make sure I start strong with a solid design. ...
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Multi application handling from single GUI [closed]

I'm searching for an approach to a very generic problem. In my recent private project, I want to control different Applications from a single GUI. To make the idea more clear I'll explain my project ...
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What design patterns exist for large dataset manipulation within MVC for a rich client data grid?

I want to feed an HTML5 data grid with large data sets that the client will want to manipulate in different ways, e.g. aggregation, grouping, pivoting. The data comes from different web services and ...
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Why update client model before sever model?

In tutorials I've seen, when data changes on the client (maybe a TODO is added to the TODOs list) the client side model (and often UI) is updated first, then the server is called to persist that ...
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Is it fine for a class that creates objects to delegate them?

I have a large list of intercommunicating components; so I decided to have one class create all of them and then subsequently delegate them to other classes to facilitate finer tweaking and wiring ...
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What must I take into consideration when designing a UI around a 0..1:1 relationship?

I'm designing the database schema for a new product feature. In my current design I have some related optional data. Rather than have nullable fields I have a separate table with a 0..1:1 relationship ...
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Other than XML, what are some examples of "coding" a GUI design?

I've been trying to think outside of the box as to how desktop GUIs can be designed in code(not a graphical designer!). I've come across basically three ways this is done: XML Raw code (create a ...
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How do you take into account usability and user requirements for your application? [closed]

Our team supports BackOffice application: a mix of WinForm and WPF windows. (about 80 including dialogs). Really a kind of a Swiss Army Knife. It is used by developers, tech writers, security ...
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What is a proper way of building Winform apps with multiple "screens"

What's a proper way of building a Winform app that has multiple 'screens'? For example, I'm trying to write a small backup program (mainly for giggles), and I've been dumping controls and containers ...
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Developing web sites that imitate desktop apps. How to fight that paradigm? [closed]

Supposse there's a company where web sites/apps are designed to resemble desktop apps. They struggle to add: Splash screens Drop-down menus Tab-pages Pages that don't grow downward with content, ...
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What options are there for splitting UI layout from code logic using a markup language?

What tools similar to GWT's UIBinder exist in other languages? By this I mean a system where you can define your UI layout in a markup language (preferably html+css) and attach the functionality to ...
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What is the best way to allow a non-coding designer to design intranet web pages?

We have an intranet site which was done in .net with plenty of functionality but management wants it to look more visually attractive and get the graphic designer involved. The graphic designer is ...
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Desktop GUI loading slow

I am developing desktop based GUI (single form) using wxPython and loads it using remote citrix access from client private network. Suppose, the GUI has certain group of select and text boxes which ...
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Do people use any tools to make Rich UI on Web Application? [closed]

As titled, take ASP.NET/Perl/PHP for example. Because I don't have chance to work with UI Designer/or know anyone like that, so I really wonder do they use any tools to do the UI design? I don't ...
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How come the design process is so different for Web Design and GUI Design?

I had the opportunity to develop applications in several niches: server back-end, desktop clients, and recently a small scale website. Once indulged in the website design I am asking myself and you ...
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Are there any GUI or user interface design patterns? [closed]

I was curious about GUI design patterns, so I searched and got some information, including a list of UI patterns for the web. This UI patterns website says that: UI Patterns is a growing collection ...
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How do I find UI ideas for a reporting system

I am developing an OS reporting system for PHP, it's main emphasis is right now on the server side of things. I am trying to look for examples of good UIs for reporting systems. The problem: there are ...
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At what point in the process do you create the visual design?

I like to do a wireframe before I start coding and work from there. But when should I start worrying about the visual design? When should I consider the colours, the font, whether corners should be ...
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Desktop GUI Design/Prototype/Mockup/Wireframe

I'm working on a project at the moment and I'm currently looking for some sources regarding creating GUI mockups. In my case, I'm creating basic diagrams with the intended layout of the design to ...
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When is an application too customizable? [closed]

Say you are developing a desktop application, and you want the user to be able to customize menus, buttons, keymapping, and other commands and components. How much customization should be allowed? I ...
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Good resources for web form design and usability [closed]

Can anyone suggest good resources about web form design and usability for web applications? Especially complex forms with 15+ fields etc.
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Heuristics for absolutely-positioned GUI design - are multiples of 5 a good idea?

Disclaimer: I do not specialize in [desktop] GUI design, but have to do it on occasion. I have seen co-worker's dialogs worse than the once I created, and my major problem with them is that they can ...
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