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Resorted to Unconventional( i.e., hacky) "circuitous" programming code techniques when using populating a list of C# Action Delegates via a for loop [closed]

AWS Amazon.S3.Model.PutObjectRequest is merely a 3rd-party AWS Data Transfer Object (DTO) / Plain Old C# Object (POCO) type that can be used to build a request that can be used to send requests to an ...
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Is it possible to reverse-engineer a Botnet "Node", to find hard-coded values like the IP of a CnC Server? [closed]

I wondered if it's possible to reverse engineer a Botnet "Node" (aka the Client/Malware), to find hard-coded values, like the IP of the Command Server (CnC Server) to catch the Operator of ...
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If we are allowing anonymous users to register inside our web site, how we can prevent hackers from occupying others' email address

I am planning to start a new core MVC web application. One of the features we are having is that anonymous users can register inside our web application by entering their email addresses. then ...
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Ken thompson's compiler hack [duplicate]

I have gone through ken thompson's compiler hack paper, can't we just go through the complier's source code and check for any backdoor, what was the article's point?
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Is separate QA team, redundant in development life cycle?

Background: Developer is the best person to know/understand the dark corners after any development/enhancement of enterprise software, compared to QA technician. Developer can assess the depth/...
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Is it possible to deliberately break RAM using pointers?

Is it possible to intentionally stress and break part of a computer on a mechanical level using the specificity of C/C++ in targeting addresses? All of this talk of addresses and pointers is not a ...
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Why did SQL injection prevention mechanism evolve into the direction of using parameterized queries?

The way I see it, SQL injection attacks can be prevented by: Carefully screening, filtering, encoding input (before insertion into SQL) Using prepared statements / parameterized queries I suppose ...
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What are the cases where keeping source code secret is justified?

When I worked as a freelancer, I encountered lots of cases where customers were protecting their ideas and source code of their projects (such as web applications) as much as possible, no matter how ...
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How easy is it to hack JavaScript (in a browser)?

My question has to do with JavaScript security. Imagine an authentication system where you're using a JavaScript framework like Backbone or AngularJS, and you need secure endpoints. That's not a ...
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Is Ken Thompson's compiler hack still a threat?

Ken Thompson Hack (1984) Ken Thompson outlined a method for corrupting a compiler binary (and other compiled software, like a login script on a *nix system) in 1984. I was curious to know if modern ...
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Are all security threats triggered by software bugs?

Most security threats that I've heard of have arisen due to a bug in the software (e.g. all input is not properly sanity checked, stack overflows, etc.). So if we exclude all social hacking, are all ...
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Is this possible to re-duplicate the hardware signal on Linux?

Since that every things is a file on the UNIX system. If I have a hardware, for example, a mouse, move from left corner to right corner, it should produce some kinds of file to communicate with the ...
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What are unique aspects of a software Lifecycle of an attack/tool on a software vulnerability?

At my local university, there is a small student computing club of about 20 students. The club has several small teams with specific areas of focus, such as mobile development, robotics, game ...
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Why is iOS "jailbreaking" CPU specific?

Recently, iOS 6 was "jailbroken" but only on the Apple A4 CPU. Why is the "jailbreaking" process specific to a CPU? From Wikipedia: ... "iOS jailbreaking is the process of removing the ...
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Belkin device runs Linux, how can I create my own custom firmware for it? [closed]

The Belkin N300 F9K1002 firmware is located here. It does not appear to be encrypted. How can I upload my own custom Linux firmware to this device. How would I go about hacking it?
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Is scanning the ports considered harmful? [closed]

If any application is scanning the ports of other machines, to find out whether any particular service/application is running, will it be considered harmful? Is this treated as hacking? How else can ...
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If competition is using 'lingua obscura' for development (why) should I be worried? [closed]

I was reading Paul Graham's essay - Beating The Averages (2003) and here's what he had to say: The more of an IT flavor the job descriptions had, the less dangerous the company was. The safest ...
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Computer security expert using pre-made tools or own? [closed]

As a digital security consultant when is it 'ok' to use tools someone else made (dumb to reinvent the wheel, right?) and when should I make my own?
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why is it easy to break verification images if they are not distorted to the extent that humans can get them wrong too?

I don't understand why people like to say "Images had to be distorted otherwise they would be easily cracked". I'm talking about those verification images that we had to type to identify that we are ...
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Possible hack aftermath [closed]

After being hacked companies often give numbers and details on how much of their data was compromised e.g "13K user and passwords". After a possible intrusion how do you know what the hacker did in ...
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Contributing to open source software (how to hack) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you dive into large code bases? I am currently a student and started programming a few years ago. I am able to write complete working software in many languages. ...
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How does a website become hackable? [closed]

I know websites are hacked because of loose ends but how are they hacked via a form? Is it because the website owners didn't validate the form and the way they structured?
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What is the best way to learn how to develop secure applications?

I would like to get into computer security in my career. What are the best ways to learn how to program securely? It seems to me that, besides textbooks and taking classes in the subject, perhaps ...
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Are there laws to protect us from hackers who disclose vulnerabilities prior to alerting the vendor?

Take the example of the recent ASP.NET (and Java Server Faces) vulnerability disclosure at a Hacker conference in Brazil. It's my understanding that the poet tool was demonstrated before Microsoft ...
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