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Race conditions in API calls within Golang microservices

I have a microservice architecture running on Heroku. I am having some problems handling race conditions. The problem is, that service A: Needs to fetch the user's balance through an API call to ...
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Heroku request timeout vs Nodejs architecture

At this link (, I read: All webservers will work in a similar way. Any new request will go to a queue, and the server will process ...
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How to ease the pain of lack of diffs when using database migrations?

The pain that I've often felt when creating database migration files, is best described in this Speakerdeck: Sane Database Change Management with Sqitch. Paste entire function to new "up" ...
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Are there any advantages of Cloud SQL Proxy over a DBaaS?

I'm currently migrating an app from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform (GKE and Cloud SQL). With Heroku, I've become used to the incredibly simple practice of defining a DATABASE_URL and letting their ...
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What should I use columns for, and what should I use rows for in SQL? [closed]

In SQL, what's the standard convention for what rows and columns should be used for? For instance, if I need to make a table of users and their data, which axis (rows or columns) should be the users ...
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Is there a way to control a looping Python script with Heroku?

I have a Python script that continuously makes GET and POST requests to a third-party API at about 1 request per second. It uses a while loop, so the requests all come from the same process. Currently,...
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2 answers

Stateful server on heroku

I'm building a multiplayer trivia game where the server is written in NodeJS and hosted on Heroku. I ran into a problem when the server should notify the users that time's up for answering a question ...
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Why should I purchase an SSL certificate for custom domain?

After reading Heroku articles, Stack Overflow questions, and the Stripe payments integration guides, the general advice is that I should should purchase an SSL certificate for my custom domain that ...
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Rails Google Cloud Messaging with heroku

I'm looking at using GCM to send notifications from my rails app to an Android app. The getting started guide says: In the resulting configuration dialog, supply your server's IP address. I'm using ...
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2 answers

how do you manage api keys?

I have a few projects that use various webservices e.g. DropBox, AWS. For managing private information I use bash_profile which works great with heroku that uses env variables to manages secret ...
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What is the best way to build a static page web site from a JSON API?

I have a JSON API that includes some discusssions. I want to build a static html site on another server, pages that are built from data on that API. I am more comfortable using Rails than Node. The ...
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Listing dependencies in the package.json for a node.js app on Heroku

I previously had an issue with my node.js app on Heroku. I added the dependency into my package.json and now it is working. But, is this the best way to do it? { "name": "application-name", "...
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Rails + Heroku Architecture

I'm in the process of developing a Rails app that I plan on subsequently deploying to Heroku. I've never run apps on Heroku (outside of the free simple app) so I have some questions on a few things on ...
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How does one handle sensitive data when using Github and Heroku?

I am not yet accustomed with the way Git works (And wonder if someone besides Linus is ;)). If you use Heroku to host you application, you need to have your code checked in a Git repo. If you work on ...
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