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An object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for the Java programming language.

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Allowing users to add their own custom fields in a Spring MVC Hibernate application - What's an ideal approach?

We all may have seen applications like JIRA, or many CRM or other applications that allow its users to define their own custom fields to an entity, and do a variety of stuff with it, like making them ...
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DataBase design generated by hibernate Many to Many for MariaDB

Hi I am in middle of designing DB and Got a little bit confused about DB Design. I am Using Hibernate as ORM Tool ahd mapping between Page and Step entity in hibernate. @ManyToMany(fetch = FetchType....
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Using import.sql vs persisting JPA entities

In Hibernate ORM & Spring Boot, during the SessionFactory creation, SQL DML statements can be executed to create tables and/or insert data via files such as import.sql defined in the javax....
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Is BoneCP + JDBC a good alternative to JPA/Hibernate?

To some extent, I don't have a problem with JPA which inevitably needs an implementation such as Hibernate. However, it requires configuration and ORM. I don't specifically like using Hibernate ...
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What's a valid use case of JPA annotation @Transient?

I'm new to JPA and Hibernate. I just saw an annotation called @Transient, which can mark a field to be non-persistent in the database. However, for the sake of "separation of concerns" ...
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DDD persistence through non-orm tools in java

So our domain model drove our database and ORMs worked for DDD implementations. Now the tables have been altered a lot and as a consequence ORM impedence is too much in our domain model to use ...
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