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Use 404 or 200 when null result (REST) [duplicate]

Let's assume we have an Entity { "id": 1 "inProgress": true, } We have endpoints: /api/v1/entities/ for fetching all entities, /api/v1/entities/1 for fetching entity with id = 1 /api/v1/...
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74 votes
9 answers

When to use HTTP status code 404 in an API

I am working on a project and after arguing with people at work for about more than a hour. I decided to know what people on stack-exchange might say. We're writing an API for a system, there is a ...
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2 answers

Status code for middleware? 200 or 4XX , 5XX?

I have a design dilemma in deciding the response status code and architecture for a middleware we are designing. So the Client Calls MiddleWare, And middleware calls the 3rd party service to get car-...
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70 votes
6 answers

Should "No Results" be an error in a RESTful response?

I'll describe an example: I start making an API for a baking shop. The API will allow people to search their catalogus for baking products, such as home-made minty chocolate chip cookies using api....
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Do web applications use HTTP as a transport layer, or do they count as an integral part of the HTTP server?

Given an HTTP server (e.g. Apache, IIS) and a web application (user code running in the server using PHP, ASP.NET and the likes), which of those can decide which HTTP status code to return for any ...
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