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Reading a large CSV file and then loading data to a DB

I have a Django application of 2 GB running and I need to receive a CSV file of more than 1 GB, read it and load the data to a PostgreSQL DB in IBM Cloud. The problem is that if I receive the file, it ...
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How can there be so much "business logic" for a company that they cannot drop their old COBOL/mainframe code? [closed]

Something which has always confused me is this. I keep hearing about how these big, old corporations which were around in the 1950s (for example) and early on started using COBOL-coded business logic ...
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10 votes
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Should I be concerned with dependencies?

Our organization uses IBM ClearCase to manage its versioning controls (for better or worse). We've been working on our application for several years now, and a large number of activities have started ...
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IBM Jazz: what are Streams?

I'm trying to make sense of IBM Jazz. I'm trying to figure out what it is, and what it isn't. "Streams" have been giving me trouble. From IBM's online library: The stream is similar in concept ...
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Working Agile on Mainframe [closed]

Why do teams that work in a mainframe environment barely use an agile working methodology? What are the key factors of not doing this despite all the technology available? If so, which agile ...
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How do tablespaces differ in DB2 from databases in MySQL or MS SQL Server? [closed]

In DB2, it seems there is a strong separation between what a database is and what a tablespace is. Where as in MySQL and MS SQL Server tablespace and database seemed to be used synonymously. What ...
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Source control: projects which share a 3rd library which is still under development in RTC

this is not a new question for source control, but IBM's Rational Team Concert is a slightly different animal than Git, SVN, etc. We have a number of .NET web sites under development with Visual ...
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Where can I obtain the specification for Distributed Relational Database Architecture? [closed]

I'm developing a DBMS that should be able to connect to IBM DB2 via the DRDA protocol. I found a DRDA reference manual that mentions "DRDA Implementation Programmer's Guide, SC21-9529" as a ...
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Who is responsible for the development of Java?

When I google about Java, the companies most mentioned are Sun, Oracle and IBM. I know that Oracle bought Sun, and the Java official website is Oracle domain, so I can assume that Oracle is the ...
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How to gradually improve on an old IBM Host C++ framework

Imagine a C++ framework as a business layer, but with controlling logic as well. E.g. user rights, state of the webflow etc. With some plain C code to access DB2. The whole framework is host based. We ...
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