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Which IndexedDB data structure for Chrome app?

I'm on the way to build a Chrome app, dedicated to fulfill shop/marketplace orders. The orders come from marketplace APIs like Amazon MWS. The data is stored only in the app (with backup). The system ...
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In what case would indexedDB be useful [duplicate]

I have been over-viewing indexedDB recently, and I cannot seem to find a suitable use case that would not be better done using a server side database. Since the little hackathon competition I'm doing ...
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Hybrid Apps and Storage - how does it work with Native apps and which to use?

I'm using Ionic at the moment. I believe, like many others, that hybrid apps will become more more common/important than they are now simply because the frameworks are getting better and better. ...
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Cross browser client side storage

I am developing an angularjs app. The app has to run in current FF, IE, Chrome and on iOS/Android via Phonegap. I am looking for a solution to store data in the client. Phonegap offers a web sql api,...
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Reasoning behind indexedDB versioning

So, the last 2 weeks I have been fighting with indexedDB and one of two recurring questions that keep popping up is why indexedDB has to use/present it's entire versioning system? I do understand that ...
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Can IndexedDB be used in offline hybrid android apps?

Can IndexedDB be used in offline hybrid android apps? I have tried the [example presented in this post,1 while it is working in my laptopn on Google Chrome, it is not working inside the WebView in my ...
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Why is Web SQL database deprecated?

I am making a hybrid Android app. At first I decided to use localStorage, after spending 2 days, I realized that it is very strange and so dropped it. Then, I picked up indexedDB, after spending ...
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