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What is the best way to structure a shopping cart to ship to multiple recipients?

We are designing a shopping cart that allows customers to ship to multiple recipients, but we are stuck at the conceptual level of the relationship between items in the cart and recipients. There are ...
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3 answers

How to best present alternative ways to write a piece of code (in a slideshow)?

I'm working on a 'slideshow'-type presentation (e.g. using LO Impress) which involves me showing people different alternatives for writing some pieces of software code. We're not talking about large ...
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Can TLV theoretically be used for browsers?

Compared with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), TLV (Tag-Length-Value) also can be used for a data representation. If TLV is designed smart enough, it can represent hierarchies and trees with no ...
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Where should the display messages on the UI be stored?

I am a backend developer and was having this argument yesterday with a frontend dev in my team about whether or not should I let him fetch the displayable text message about the result of an operation ...
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38 votes
6 answers

How to properly localize numbers?

Which caveats should I be aware while localizing numbers in my front-end application ? Example: In Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) we split thousands with dots and decimals with commas. In US English (...
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Structuring data to represent a tree with squirrels

What I want to represent Let's assume I have several schemas of the following kind: It is a tree on which positions of squirrels are represented by a blue dot. The number of bifurcations differ from ...
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6 answers

How much information about an error should be shown to the user?

Applications can always throw errors. If such an error occurs, the user should be notified, because what he asked the application to do has not succeeded. However, how much information should the ...
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Transport information screens

I need to create an information service on trains to deliver live information. I am looking for some ways to go about this. There are already existing LCD monitors in many of the train wagons. They ...
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5 answers

Blocking IP address for web-scraping service

Background Consider the following scenario: Link. User provides a link to some poorly formatted website (e.g., creative commons content). Scrape. Server downloads the content (web scrape), always ...
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Create association between informations

I deployed a project some days ago that allow to extract some medical articles using the results of a questionnaire completed by a user. For instance, if I reply on questionnaire I'm affected by ...
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What are the characteristics for a good report generation software for reporting and tracking software benchmarking results?

This is an offshoot question from this answer to a previous question, where is highlighted as an example having a good presentation. (However, it appears to me that the project ...
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