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Questions tagged [intellij]

Intellij is a full IDE for the Java programming language. It also includes built-in support for kotlin, kroovy, and android. Any questions regarding the IDE can be placed under this tag, along with other tags giving more information on what exactly your problem is.

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Using braces on new line convention, but should I do this for one-line methods? [closed]

I've been using the braces on a new line convention for my java project: public String class() { something; { However I have quite a few methods, like getters, that could be written on one line ...
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3 answers

IDE Signatures & Identifying IDE Software

I'm trying to decide whether to change IDEs as I've read promising things about both NetBeans and IntelliJ, but I have two interrelated (perhaps dumb) questions: Is there any difference in the final ...
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How to monitor & record build (compile/test) time? [closed]

I work on a large-ish Java project. We are using maven as our build tool, and I use Intellij (14) as my IDE. Currently, if I build the whole project (c. 15 modules) it takes about 3 minutes. Due to ...
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Publish Modules from a Java Project on Github and integrate into IntelliJ [closed]

What is the best practice to work with several Java modules from different GitHub sources using IntelliJ? This might be an odd qeustion but I do not know what the standard workflow is to achieve what ...
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How Jetbrain Phpstorm IDE is working without installed java? [closed]

As far as I know Jetbrains PHPStorm is programmed in Java but while I don't have Java installed in my Windows 7 PC, PHPstorm is installed and working without any problem. How It's done?
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2 votes
5 answers

Improving the Java development workflow [closed]

I will like to assist my group standardize to a reproducable Java tooling environment that aligns with some good practices to improve on our workflow. We are predominantly a .NET shop that has been ...
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How to set up a Java project with unit tests, references and something like a VS .sln using IntelliJ

I do a lot of c# development work. Recently, our company decided it was important for webservices to be able to run on Unix machines, and decided that we should write new services in Java as a result....
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IntelliJ with Maven compilation

I have a project that needs Hibernate jars. I added them as dependencies in the pom.xml and Maven compiles my project well. However, in the IDE, all annotations and calls to Hibernate API are marked ...
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How do you change how intellij auto formats code? [closed]

IntelliJ does some odd formatting with Javascript code and I am trying to figure out how to get it to stop formatting this way. Whenever I chain jQuery functions together, it over indents the auto ...
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2 answers

How can I debug a JSP?

I'm trying to edit a JSP for a project and I'm getting a NullPointerException somewhere in the JSP when it's requested from my server. My web server (JBoss) is reporting the exception, but it's ...
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66 votes
7 answers

How is IntelliJ better than Eclipse? [closed]

I know there have been questions like What is your favorite editor/IDE?, but none of them have answered this question: Why spend the money on IntelliJ when Eclipse is free? I'm personally a big ...
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