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IntelliSense (also called as auto-completion) is best known for its use in the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment.

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How to develop data bound html with strong typing and intellisense?

I'm a huge believer in the value of Intellisense for showing you what syntax is expected and allowed (and also saving typing, though this is a secondary consideration). When you build a web component (...
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4 answers

What do IDEs use to do code completion suggestions?

For example if I have a class like class Foo { public int bar; public Foo(int constructor_var) { bar = construction_var; } public bar_plus_one() { return bar++; }...
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User interfaces for C function completion

In method call syntax in many object-oriented languages, the receiver object goes to the left of the method name, e.g. someObject.someMethod(). This comes in handy when using an IDE with code ...
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Does relying on intellisense and documentation a lot while coding makes you a bad programmer? [duplicate]

Is a programmer required to learn and memorize all syntax, or is it ok to keep handy some documentation? Would it affect the way that managers look at coders? What are the downside of depending on ...
3 votes
2 answers

Is functional intellisense and code browsing more beneficial than the use of dependency injection containers

This question is really based on PHP, but could be valid for other dynamically typed, interpreted languages and specifically the methods of generating code insight and object browsing in development ...
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4 answers

I have a bad memory. Is dynamic typing language+vim appropriate for me? [closed]

I am switching from C#+Visual Studio to Ruby+Vim for a few months. The only thing that I am missing from C#/Visual Studio is intellisense, especially when I have a new ruby gem to familiarize. As a ...
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Should a method comment include both a summary and return description when they're often so similar?

I'm a proponent of properly documented code, and I'm well aware of the possible downsides of it. That is outside of the scope of this question. I like to follow the rule of adding XML comments for ...
18 votes
6 answers

What is the term for IntelliSense in a non-Microsoft world?

When talking about IDE software or about what a programming language allows you to do or not at the source level, I often use the word IntelliSense, which has a precise meaning in the Microsoft world, ...
16 votes
10 answers

Is there any evidence that Intellisense reduces productivity? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should newbies use IDE autocomplete (Intellisense)? I was having a conversation with another developer the other night about the pros and cons of Visual Studio. He was of the ...
35 votes
16 answers

Should newbies use IDE autocomplete (Intellisense)? [closed]

I often encounter this when I am helping out someone who is new to programming and learning it for the first time. I'm talking about really new newbies, still learning about OOness, constructing ...