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Load files depending on browser or write workarounds within the file?

I'm writing up this website running under IIS with .NET Core. I developed most of the site with minimal use of JS so that the server will be doing most of the work (and thankfully so because of the ...
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Angular SPA, using server-side-rendering to support IE11? Is this risky or a smart way to go?

I'm working on a dozen enterprise SPA's and PWA's and most of them require impeccable IE11 support. This has been a complete pain with countless problems every step of the way. It occured to me ...
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Use of iFrame to avoid IE oddities

I'm working with a team on an ASP.NET MVC C# EF application that needs extensive Help materials. The Help materials will be stored on a helpdesk site (FreshDesk) so they can be accessed as a ...
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What is the best way to selectively load transpiled code or polyfills for downlevel browsers?

There's no escaping Internet Explorer 11 as it will be around until 2023 as the default browser of the most popular desktop operating system. Yet, Internet Explorer 11 will not get new updates to ...
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Dealing with date fields across browsers

I'm building a web application with multiple forms which all require date fields, and these fields need to be supported across IE, Chrome, and the like. Our application currently packages the output ...
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2 answers

Old Browsers and Polyfills

Polyfilling, when is it too much? I've summed up this question into one sentance. Is it practical to polyfill all of the IE8 deficiencies with one solid javascript file, as in, would there be any ...
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Extending Internet Explorer to use a credit card machine and cash drawer

I have a software application which is currently a win forms application using an embedded IE web browser control. The win forms application provides access to an attached credit card machine and cash ...
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23 votes
5 answers

Why is Internet Explorer the only browser to be referred to by version when talking about compatibility?

Whenever I read something or hear someone talking about HTML5, CSS and JavaScript support, they always refer to Internet Explorer with the version number such as Internet Explorer 6, and Internet ...
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2 answers

Unit Testing of JavaScript - Are we testing the logic of the code or the behavior against a browser

[Warning]: I am new to the whole unit testing and have been trying to learn as much as possible. I am working on a MS CRM 2011 project and I have been trying to introduce unit testing in my company. ...
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Does IE have more strict Javascript parsing than Chrome?

This is not meant to start a religio-technical browser war - I still prefer Chrome, at least for now, but: Because of a perhaps Chrome-related problem with my web page (see also), I temporarily ...
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What capabilities of Adobe Flash are not present in the WinRT API?

As from March 2013, Microsoft allows Adobe Flash content to play by default on its immersive Internet Explorer 10: When asked ...
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1 answer

How the Compatibility View in IE works behind the scenes

When I remote connect to my work PC, in IE10, the juniper remote client service which is basically a plugin executed in the browser does not run. I need to turn on compatibility view to see it. My ...
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3 answers

Bothering to cater to non-JavaScript clients? [duplicate]

Considering that it's April, 2013; do I still need to worry about non-JavaScript capable/enabled clients? Note: This question excludes having helper text with: JavaScript is required to view this ...
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3 answers

Why does Internet Explorer have so many incompatibilities with other browsers?

Internet Explorer has a number of proprietary features that aren't found in other browsers as well as a number of incompatibilities with the standards. Does anyone have an idea what is the cause of ...
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Browser support for internal corporate tools

We are on the verge of a conversion. For years, our company supported only IE for its internal (intranet) home-built tools. Since a few of our users are still on XP, which means IE only goes up to 8....
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Why Firefox caching work will reset in version 3 but version 16 don't?

I am developing a web application and have the app deployed into Tomcat server. Tested on IE and Firefox and are working fine. Meaning when I close the browser and reopen the app, the data will be ...
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3 answers

Why do browsers leak memory?

A colleague and I were speaking about browsers (using a browser control object in a project), and it appears as plain as day that all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera) display the same ...
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Web standards or risk avoidance?

My company is building an App Engine application. The app encounters a bug (possibly due to an issue with App Engine itself, as per our research) on IE9, but it cannot be reliably reproduced and is ...
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The Box Model: Internet Explorer vs. W3C

Today, the Internet Explorer Box Model problem is mostly a non-issue. Most web developers place a <!DOCTYPE> tag to enforce standards compliance, and nobody really cares about supporting ...
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How quickly is the silent IE upgrade likely to propagate to end users? What about managed corporate IT infrastructures? [closed]

According to this article from the BBC and this post on Microsoft's Exploring IE Blog, Microsoft has planned to automatically upgrade Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7's IE to the latest ...
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5 answers

Why is it unrealistic to expect all browsers to support the same standards? [closed]

Ideally, we would have different browsers supporting the same standards and same code producing the same result on all browsers. That hasn't happened yet. What are the reasons why?
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What does it mean to drop support for Internet Explorer 6? [closed]

When Facebook, Youtube, and even Microsoft themselves say that they've "dropped support for IE6", what do they really mean? Youtube still functionally works fine in IE6. If they mean that they've ...
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How can a Mac or Unix owner fix/develop webpages for IE6/IE7?

I work on Debian and before Debian I was on Ubuntu. In my previous job, we simply ignored IE6, but at my present job a page must work flawlessly for IE6 onwards. The one wayout for me is to set up a ...
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What should we tell our unsupported IE6 users?

In the upcoming version of our web app, we've broken IE6, and we don't intend to fix it. We've had a clear warning posted for IE6 users for some months; we've decided it's time not to support it. My ...
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Arguments to homologate Firefox in a Company

I developed a web project for my company and this project was designed to use Mozilla Firefox (including the javascript (jQuery)). However, now the company wants the project to be transferred to ...
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