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What's a "Professional Fit" interview? [closed]

So I went through an initial interview on school campus, and an on-site interview(one day, mostly technical interviews) with this company, and then a week later, I am told that there will be an ...
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12 answers

Does tweeting 9 to 5 hurt job applicants? [closed]

If you were looking into a job applicant's background and discovered that he or she has 1200 followers on Twitter and averages 50 tweets per day (more than half of which are during business hours), ...
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Python interview questions [closed]

I am going to interview within two weeks for an internship that would involve Python programming. Can anyone suggest what possible areas should I polish? I am looking for commonly asked stuff in ...
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10 votes
9 answers

Why I'm not selected in an interview? [closed]

I'm working in development for 4 years, and 3.5 in PHP - why I don't seem to be able to be selected in an interview. I want to know what special things the interviewer wants to see in candidates - ...
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What are the pros and cons for the employer of code questions during an interview? [closed]

The Joel Test question #11 is: "Do new candidates write code during their interview?". What are arguments for and against to ask new candidates to write code during the interview and to make a ...
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Microsoft SDE Interview vs Microsoft SDET Interview and Resources to Study [closed]

I have always heard that SDE interviews are much harder to crack than SDET. Is it really true? I have also heard that if candidate doesnt do well in SDE interview he is also sometimes offered SDET ...
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4 votes
8 answers

Object Oriented Programming Concepts and Interviews [closed]

I'm an Object Oriented Programming fanatic. I have always believed in modelling solutions in terms of objects. It is something that comes to me naturally. I work with a services start up that ...
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28 answers

What is your favorite whiteboard interview problem? [closed]

Just as the title says, what is your favorite whiteboard interview problem, and why has it proven effective for you? Junior, senior, Java, C, Javascript, PHP, SQL, pseudo-code, etc.
11 votes
10 answers

How would you evaluate object oriented design skills? [closed]

what kind of insights or questions would lead you to determine a person's OOAD skills.
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24 votes
15 answers

Is what someone publishes on the Internet fair game when considering them for employment as a programmer? [closed]

(Originally posted on Stack Overflow but closed there and more relevant for here) So we first interviewed a guy for a technical role and he was pretty good. Before the second interview we googled him ...
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20 votes
10 answers

How to interview someone you know well? [closed]

How would you interview someone you know well or someone you may even be friends with? What if you already know their strengths and weaknesses. I would prefer to avoid this situation by delegating ...
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28 votes
9 answers

Should I tell the interviewer I already know the answer to the question being asked? [closed]

In a programming interview if I am asked a question I already know the answer for, such as giving an algorithm for a particular problem. Should I disclose that to the interviewer? This issue only ...
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41 votes
12 answers

Do I need to understand algorithms and data structures to be called a programmer? [closed]

It has been six years since I have been coding. Coding into all kinds of things like ActionScript, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Ajax, XML HTML, ASP, etc. I have used arrays, maps, linked lists, sets, etc ...
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32 votes
2 answers

Brain picking during job interview [closed]

Recently, I had a job interview at a big Silicon Valley company for a senior software developer/R&D position. I had several technical phone screens, an all day on-site interview and more technical ...
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12 answers

How do you interview someone with more experience than you? [closed]

The company I'm working for is looking to hire a senior developer with more experience than me, and they expect me to do the technical part of the interview. I've only been programming a few years and ...
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2 answers

C# Interview Preparation - References? [closed]

This is a specific question relating to C#. However, it can be extrapolated to other languages too. While one is preparing for an interview of a C# Developer (ASP.NET or WinForms or ), what would be ...
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14 votes
7 answers

Will You Use an Online Technical Skills Test to Hire a Senior Developer? [closed]

There are online services such as IKM that offer skills tests in many areas, including programming. Would you use these kind of tests when hiring for a senior developer position? What about just ...
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10 answers

How to find out if a company has insane policies [closed]

When interviewing for a job, is there a delicate yet accurate way to find out if they have insane policies, like "no open source", or "no installing software without permission", "not upgrading ...
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14 votes
8 answers

Whiteboard "testing" during an interview: legitimate way to back up your (whiteboard) code? [closed]

As I get it, having an error (even a typo like or missing ";") in your whiteboard code will often cost you some interview points. Avoiding that will inevitably make one proof-reading code again and ...
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36 votes
19 answers

The 10 minutes technical interview [closed]

I must do a quick assessment of dozens of fresh students very quickly. I have 30 minutes meeting with each of them (in two or three days). I want to use most of the time to discuss non technical ...
44 votes
30 answers

"Do you have any questions for us?" In an interview [closed]

You know the prospective company fairly well but are asked "Do you have any questions for us?". To show interest, what are some of your favorite questions to reply?
18 votes
5 answers

ReSharper's effect on coding interviews [closed]

Anyone who has used R# or CodeRush knows how fast you can put together simple constructs (and refactor complex ones) with a simple keyboard shortcut. However, do these productivity plugins cause a ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Choosing the right programmer among a class of undergrads [closed]

I am a CS undergrad but I landed a programming job last year and I like it a lot. We are currently 3 programmer in the development section of the company and we have to work with pretty much anything ...
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16 answers

FizzBuzz - really? [closed]

When it comes to "interview test" questions, the subject of FizzBuzz often comes up. There is also a Coding Horror post about it. Now, if you bother reading sites such as this, you are ...
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4 answers

Would you show your production code to candidates at the interview? [closed]

I have seen this happen multiple times: The candidate likes the company, succeeds at the interview. Then comes to work and at the end of the first day he is sure the codebase/project is not what he ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How you prepared for your .NET interview? [closed]

I gave many interviews in the last few years and each time I found the interviewers are not satisfied with what I know. My first company only developed desktop Windows applications using .NET. They ...
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2 answers

How do you measure the effectiveness of your hiring & interview process? [closed]

Although I've seen many discussions on how to do an interview and develop your brand, I haven't seen many discussions on how to determine if your hiring & interview process is actually working ...
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9 votes
10 answers

How to you "sell" support as an career option [closed]

We find it relatively easy to hire developers to work on various projects. The problem arises when the project is finished but still needs to be supported. We really battle to get people to join ...
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11 answers

Effectiveness of "what is your greatest strength/weakness" interview questions [closed]

As someone who is now finding himself on the other end of the interview table, I'm wondering how useful these questions are from an employer's perspective. Some of my coworkers think they're good ...
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11 answers

What to say when you don’t know the answer to an interview question? [closed]

When you have no clue about the question, how do you answer/act when you do not know the answer at all? Telling the truth is pretty obvious. But how could you try to transform this weakness into a ...
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11 answers

How to sell a high SO reputation at an interview [duplicate]

A question with absolutely no relevance to myself: How would a programmer with a stellar SO reputation (like 30k+) market his or herself to poential employers/investors who have never heard of SO? In ...
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9 answers

Are algorithm questions good interview questions? [closed]

I've had an argument recently with a fellow programmer. He was interviewing for a new position and was asked this question: Give a sequence of numbers starting at X and ending in Y but with one ...
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2 answers

What top companies look for in an Interview? [closed]

Basically I am looking for what is it that you goof up and you are out from the remaining process ? Are elimination rounds a fair way to judge a person ? Anyone can have a bad hour :-( Should you ...
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11 answers

How do you respond to "Tell me a little bit about yourself." question in interviews? [closed]

I've been asked this in a few interviews. And it always catches me off guard.My professional and academic background are already in the resumé, which the interviewer has obviously looked at. What more ...
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6 answers

How to prepare yourself for programming interview questions? [closed]

Possible Duplicate: Really “wow” them in the interview Let's say I appear for an interview. What questions could I expect and how do I prepare?
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38 votes
28 answers

What's the worst question you were ever asked at interview? [closed]

It doesn't have to be programming or software development related, but just asked during an interview for an IT related job. I know some "left field" questions are meant to see how the candidate ...
21 votes
16 answers

What's your favorite interview question? [closed]

What question have you found especially valuable in interviewing software developers? What is it about the question that has made it particularly useful? I'm looking for a particular question you ...
28 votes
7 answers

What techniques do you use when interviewing developers? [closed]

I realize there have been lots of discussions about this type of thing and they often devolve into dogma around whether you ask the "100 logical pirates" type of questions or whether you get them to ...
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24 answers

What to bring to a programming interview? [closed]

I have just completed my Master's degree in Computer Science and have gotten my first job interview as a developer. I do not have much experience in large scale development projects, but I am hoping ...
82 votes
18 answers

What is the best way to discern an excellent programmer in a job interview?

In the setting of an interview: What is the best way to reliably identify when somebody is an excellent programmer. By this I mean he is one of those that is 10-15 times more efficient / rapid / ...
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