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a numerical label assigned to devices in a computer network.

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Is it possible to connect two devices on the internet if both are behind NAT using this method?

If i understand NAT correctly, by default a device outside of the NAT cannot reach a device inside it. If the two devices use a central server to connect however they can obviously communicate. My ...
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What IP protocol number should I use for my custom IP protocol? [closed]

I want do develop an IP based protocol oriented to smallest possible data overhead. For example UDP adds overhead of 8 bytes header. I want zero header. I will use this protocol via 2G mobile network ...
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How can an anycast IP address handle millions of RPS (requests per second)

So, in terms of systems design: given a highly scalable system being served through a single load-balanced anycast IP address, when that system receives a load in the order of (hundreds of) millions ...
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Remotely monitoring bash terminal progress

I'm thinking of creating a system which would help me transfer the output of my bash terminal to an app in a remote device(like my Android smartphone). I was thinking of tackling this problem as just ...
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IP Whitelisting AWS consumers

If consumers of my API have their software on AWS, their ip address is subject to change if they are scaling their services horizontally (adding more machines). This means that I can't whitelist a ...
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Term for "IP address or DNS name" [closed]

We have a column in a database table that can hold either an IP address or a DNS name, and we're struggling to name it without leaning one way or another. Is there a "standard" term that means "IP ...
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Using IP to calculate Tax

I understand that if I sell things online, I need to calculate Taxes based on customer location. Can I use IP to locate customer or should I ask them explicitly? If it is fine to use IP to identify ...
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Node.js app to keep track of dynamic IP Address of dell edge box?

I have dell edge box that is stored in another location, the edge box is having 4G sim card internet access with dynamic IP address that changes frequently, I usually use ssh putty with the 4G IP ...
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Is my algorithm for determining whether a ipv4 is public or private correct? [closed]

I have just created a function which checks whether a ipv4 is public or not. I have not heavily tested it yet since it is kind of practically impossible to do so (because I do not know where to start)....
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How implement an IP stack? [closed]

I want to understand what implement an IP stack means. I explain myself : I've wrote two Java little applications (Client-Server) which communicate over a LAN with TLS. In my code, I didn't have to ...
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Socket Connecting to Large number of IPs

I have a text file of ~600 CIDR notation IP blocks which, when expanded, amount to ~17.5M IP addresses. I need to socket connect to each one. If it connects, I add it to a "live" list, if it returns ...
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listening to packets in promiscuous mode

I am working on an application that get packets that don't belong to the pc,so i use promiscuous mode on my NIC,i need to read the packet and and handle it. Because i don't have any connection formed ...
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Why did the creators of the Internet Protocol decide to use IP addresses to identify a particular computer? [closed]

Why did the creators of the Internet Protocol decide to use IP addresses to identify a particular computer? Why not just have a unique ID assigned to each computer upon manufacture, then use that ID ...
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Reduce a list of IPv4 to lowest common CIDR

I have a long list of IP addresses that show some pattern of closeness Example: XX.249.91.16 XX.249.91.21 XX.249.91.32 XX.249.91.160 XX.249.91.165 XX.249.92.15 XX.249.92.25 XX.249.92.51 ...
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Finding next free IP in a network

I have an IP network and want to automatically find a free IP address to provision a new server. Due to frequent server additions/removals the used IPs might be quite fragmented over the whole address ...
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For a socket based application : how must I handle dynamic ip adress?

I plan to write an network application whose use steps is the following : Connect to the server and choose a name (and enter your email "id") The list of others "free" (not playing a game) players is ...
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Is restricting sessions to an absolute IP likely to have a wide impact on mobile networks?

Our website currently restricts a cookie-based session to the IP address that was originally sent the Set-Cookie HTTP header. In the past a user's IP would rarely change, so this didn't present much ...
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How can I make sure that people changes his IP or not

I want to check that people who registrates in my site and check in country box , for example, Argentina is really living in Argentina. How can I make sure that people is really living in that country ...
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Can RMI or CORBA operate over IP? [closed]

Question: Can RMI or CORBA operate over IP? I don't think RMI can - does it not operate over IIOP?
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